Ugh...Why I don't like the Naked 2 palette ( Review)

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I hate being negative about products, in general, but I suppose that maybe one day this info will help some lady out there. After having the palette for a couple of years, and expirementing with every possible combination, I decided that it was time to let others hear me out about this "Cult Classic" that was a total flop for me, let me start off with some pros: (I'm doing a review because sephora never posted mine so maybe this may help someone out in the future.



- It is a value set. 12 eye shadows for 50 bucks which brings each eye shadow to about 4.5 dollars if I'm not mistaken. 


- The eye shadows themselves are highly pigmented, and are buttery smooth for the most part....


Now I'll review the packaging and individual eye shadows themselves. 



1. Foxy is described as "cream bisque with matte finish". While I did like the fact that it was a matte finish, it was way too light to use it as a highlight (on my skintone at least), and way too chalky and sheer to wear it on my eyelid. 


2. Half Baked is described as "golden bronze with shimmery finish". I have a hate-love relationship with this color. Sometimes it's a bit too light and it doesn't really have a "bronze" tone. It's almost like a bright, white gold. Aside from that, the quality of the eye shadow itself was somewhat disappointing. I can almost describe the texture like a loose eyeshadow or pressed pigment, Yeah, it's pigmented, but even with primer, they eyeshadow still ends up underneath my lashes. 


3. BootyCall is described as a "shimmering cork" For the most part, it's a shimmery beige-pink, and I'm pleased with it. Nice pigmentation, little fallout, and I could use it on my lips, or highlight my brows if I wanted. 


4. Chopper is described as " copper shimmer with silver micro glitter", and boy this was a disappointment. I loved it, a warm copper toned eyeshadow really compliments my skintone, the glitter killed it. Primer, concealer, eyeshadow base, no matter what, the glitter is just everywhere, even gently packing on the eyeshadow, little by little, it dispersed into the atmosphere with no care ;-; 



( I'll do the other eyeshadow reviews in the morning) 

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