Train Cases anyone?

I am in search of a train case Smiley Happy. I really need one because I am traveling almost every weekend. And my makeup bag is almost over flowing with my makeup. So I was wondering if any one has good suggestions for a train case. I do like the sephora ones, but is there any that are a little cheaper? (plus my bf's sister got one and I dont want her to think I am copying her) lol.

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Hi, sls35.  I have always loved Caboodles brand organizers and cases.  Here is photo of one really good, roomy Caboodle case for sale on Amazon:

There are all kinds of different Caboodles cases though.  Ulta has a good selection as well as Target, too.  Caboodles also has their own website that you can go to and look at all kinds of different sizes and styles, too.  They have everything from small to large and from plain to really sparkly, etc.

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Hi Sls35,


My favorite train case that holds everything is the Sephora Collection Metro Train Case - Pink. I think its a good investment because it will last you a long time.Smiley Happy

Metro Train Case - Pink

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I think that Target used to have a nice selection of these, worth a try for less.

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