Top Most Asked Beauty Question

What do you think are the top 5 most asked beauty questions on Sephora? Here is my list:

1. Best Eyeliner?

2. Best Moisturizer?

3. I'm Looking For a new Foundation... 

4. I look like this (for example brown eyes and brown hair fair complexion), what makeup should I use?

5. Is it worth it? (Example Clairisonic and UD Naked Palette).

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5) What, out of thousands on the market that are mostly quite good, is THE BEST MASCARA???!!!

4) I wanna look fly for my wedding/graduation/photo shoot/ tea party/ space flight and we'll be taking photos, what products should I use?

3) I have a million Sephora gift cards and I'm not sharing, give me ideas!!

2) Here's a picture of my outfit (insert pic here). I want some hot ideas, don't dissapoint me.


1) You have no idea what I look like and I am not going to post a picture. Tell me what colour foundation is best for me.


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1. Dior Primer
2. Two coats (+) of Dior Show mascara
3. Comb thru lashes to separate.
4. Using dark glue (matches liner) - glue a few "springs" of individual false lashes on outer lid.
5. One more very light sweep with mascara on springs to blend.

FABULOUS - LOOKS AMAZING AND NOT TOO MUCH (BELIEVE IT OR NOT). Do a couple dry runs before wedding.
(and Congratulations)
ROFL!! Thanks for the tip but I think you should re-read the original question and then my answer!
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