Too Much Makeup?

My mom always says, "Stop buying makeup. You have enough for six years!" Smiley Very Happy

It's true-- I have a ton of makeup, not as much as a lot of you I'm sure, but still. Smiley Happy

Do I have too much makeup?

Think of your makeup collection. Do you think you'll be able to use all of every product before it hits the expiration date?

(I'm directing this towards the people who are true fanatics- If you are like my mom, only have what you need, and only buy more when you are out, I commend you xD).

Do we buy so much that we waste? How many products do you have in the back of your collection, barely used, gathering dust?

Still, this fact isn't going to change me Smiley Happy I'll always be makeup crazy, but I thought I'd ask the question. I'm pretty sure no one else will change either haha, but maybe someone will go through their makeup and use something they haven't seen in a while. I'm trying to use a new thing in my collection every day while getting ready, just so nothing gets neglected lol.

I just was curious at to whether the people with the bigger collections use everything, I guess Smiley Very Happy

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I have entirely too much makeup -- way more than I could ever use, even over decades. It's funny that you mention your mom -- my own is the same way! She always had, and continues to have: one blush (that she has had for a while), one concealer tube, one tube of mascara, a few skin care products...and then, here is yours truly, consumer extraordinaire, with this crazy collection that I will never get through. I think I collect things more than I actually use them (because who honestly gets that much use out of so many different shades?). Still, I like having them -- and as prettyinpa said, every so often I go through my collection, and the things that could go to a more loving home (!) I post on Makeup Alley. There are a few items I would never give away, but for the most part, I go through phases. When I was a kid, I LOVED crayons (who didn't, I know) -- but I would sit and organize them and stare at the colors. I like to think of this is the adult translation of my color obsession. While someone might look at ten blushes and see "pink," I can point out the differences (okay, that sounded suspiciously like "addict," but you can see where I'm going with this...).


I think this could be a product of our time, too. We have social networks like Beauty Talk (no offense!) with its discussion forums, or Makeup Alley -- it's so easy to read reviews and posts about someone's must-haves and think, "Oooh -- I NEED THAT!" (Guilty.) Same with blogs -- I read reviews of someone's new favorite things, and I get "inspired," if you will, to add whatever it is to my collection. I think when we read these appealing reviews, they make us (those of us with these tendencies, that is) want to have these fabulous things, too -- which is why I think some of us wind up with way more than we need, or could use. Does that makes sense? At least, that's how I am -- even if I wish I were a minimalist, like my mother Smiley Happy

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