Too Much Makeup?

My mom always says, "Stop buying makeup. You have enough for six years!" Smiley Very Happy

It's true-- I have a ton of makeup, not as much as a lot of you I'm sure, but still. Smiley Happy

Do I have too much makeup?

Think of your makeup collection. Do you think you'll be able to use all of every product before it hits the expiration date?

(I'm directing this towards the people who are true fanatics- If you are like my mom, only have what you need, and only buy more when you are out, I commend you xD).

Do we buy so much that we waste? How many products do you have in the back of your collection, barely used, gathering dust?

Still, this fact isn't going to change me Smiley Happy I'll always be makeup crazy, but I thought I'd ask the question. I'm pretty sure no one else will change either haha, but maybe someone will go through their makeup and use something they haven't seen in a while. I'm trying to use a new thing in my collection every day while getting ready, just so nothing gets neglected lol.

I just was curious at to whether the people with the bigger collections use everything, I guess Smiley Very Happy

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I figure my makeup addiction could be worse, I don't live close enough to Sephora to go all that often and I hesitate to buy some items online because of the high risk that I won't like them and I hate to return things and cause waste. Stuff that I get and turns out that I don't like it and it's too much work to return, I list on Makeup Alley and swap it. I have gotten some neat things that way, including some iTunes gift cards, so in that way, it's recycling!Smiley Happy


I know that I won't use up some items before they expire, but figure that into the cost of having great makeup! 

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