Tired of neutral eyeshadow

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I have brown eyes, sometimes they can look dark green. Since I am 20 I always stick with neutral eyeshadows like champagnes or browns. But I want to venture out. Any eyeshadow duos/trios that would complement my eyes but still be wearable for the day?

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I third the recommendation for purples!  Unless you're using a heavy hand on an electric purple shade it is very wearable for day.


I really like the BareMinerals duo and the Sephora trio you were already recommended.  Considering that your eyes can be green the Smashbox Hazel palette mentioned would be flattering as well.  You could also take a look at the Sephora Collection Pro Lesson Palette for Brown Eyes.  It has neutrals but would also help you venture into a look using purple and grey.  (And it's only $20!)


Re: Tired of neutral eyeshadow

I second the purples!  They would really bring out the green in your eyes and look beautiful.  Smashbox has a palette with 6 shadows that are meant to compliment hazel/green eyes.  Those palettes that prospon recommended are great options.  Or do the neutrals like you're already doing but maybe through in a burgundy or purpleish eyeliner with those neutrals. 

Re: Tired of neutral eyeshadow

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You would be surprised how color can be "neutral"ized by how you blend or how light you apply it.


Based on your eye color I would recommend adding purples to your eyeshadow colors.


Here are some that Sephora carries:


image.jpgSephora collection microsmooth eyeshadow trio


image.jpgBare Minerals ready eyeshadow 2.0


image.jpgSephora collection colorful pallette

(again, I know that this looks shockingly purple, but it is how you apply the color that will allow this to be an everyday look)

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