Throw it away :(

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I know I'm not the only one who does this, and I know it isn't hygenic, but does anyone here have make up that they have kept longer than they are supposed to?


Why have you kept them for so long? Have they caused any health problems for you?


I know there are expiry dates for everything, but I have a ton of stuff that I have used for what feels like forever and I haven't turned green yet!


I finally let go of some products ( won't disclose how long I had them) and it took every bone in my body not to go in garbage to retrieve them!


I love to read some of your stories!

Re: Throw it away :(

I usually go through my makeup collection once a year to weed out and toss any old makeup.  I don't really go by expiration dates so much; my general rule of thumb is if it was there last time and doesn't look/smell like I bought it yesterday, it's gone.


The one exception I've ever had to this rule was a gorgeous deep purple lipstick I kept for a little over three years.  I tend to wipe my lipsticks off with a clean paper towel every couple of months, and this particular one stayed fresh that entire time.  It was one of my favorites, so that made me very happy.  Eventually, I had to throw it out, but it was nearly used up by then and I got a good run out of it.

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