Throw it away :(

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I know I'm not the only one who does this, and I know it isn't hygenic, but does anyone here have make up that they have kept longer than they are supposed to?


Why have you kept them for so long? Have they caused any health problems for you?


I know there are expiry dates for everything, but I have a ton of stuff that I have used for what feels like forever and I haven't turned green yet!


I finally let go of some products ( won't disclose how long I had them) and it took every bone in my body not to go in garbage to retrieve them!


I love to read some of your stories!

Re: Throw it away :(

I used to have an eyeshadow palette, from I dont know where, but it wasn't sephora, I know that. I swore by it, it was my lifeline, but I didn't wear makeup that much so I had i for two years.One day I used it and It imediatly started iching AHH!  Smiley SurprisedMy eye was all red. I was so suprised! I only had it for 2 years?! then I went online and found out that makeup had expireaion dates. Oops!Smiley Tongue

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Hello All,


I have had this problem too with some of my product. I have a large lipstick collection and I finally had to go through them and throw away the ones that just did not smell fresh anymore. It was very very hard since some of them were limited edition but, I thought to myself I am sure I can find something that is similar.Smiley Happy

<3 Melissa

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I have a little Dymo label maker that I use to label when I should throw out my makeup. I go by the little jar symbol, and then when I opened the product. (Sometimes I buy something, but do not open it right away). So if the product has a shelf life of six months, and I bought it in January, but didn't open it until March, I would label it to be tossed in September. This also helps in case the wording on the packaging gets rubbed off like it often does with items I travel with or throw in my purse or items that can last up to 24 months like eyeshadows. If it didn't do this I would have no idea when I bought something, when I opened it, or when I should be tossing it...

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I find it very hard to sometimes let go of my favorites, especially when it comes to limited edition items. For the most part I'm very good about finishing items before they're past their prime. Just as a general rule with make up hygiene I periodically will clean my products by simply running a clean paper towel over my eyeshadows to remove a layer of color. For lipsticks I just dip them into a clean container (nothing can be a bowl or a cup) filled with a bit of rubbing alcohol.


Just having these sort of habits is a good practice to get into, so that if you do have a product that is a bit past its'll know that you're preventing less of a risk of getting unwanted bacteria on your face. I usually will clean my make up every 2-3 months.

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I used to have a drawerful of lipglosses and lipbalms that I've kept for at least 10 years, but then I saw an episode on Tyra that really changed me. There's all sorts of microorganisms growing in your makeup if you dont toss them by the expiration date, and believe me you dont want that stuff on your face especially after you've just washed it with expensive skin care items. For the last 2-3 years I've never kept anything past the expiration date and I'm very careful not to buy more than what I can use up. Thats why I get all my makeup from Sephora. Everything I get I completely love and use up every last bit. With drugstore makeup I couldnt stop filling up my makeup case because I could never find a product I liked enough to use up completely.

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I completely agree with you. And for me because this store is on the pricey side, I know I have to use all the stuff I love!!


I'm really trying to change but it's so hard Smiley Sad

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Try to get one of everything that you use often and daily and dont restock until you hit the bottom of the product. That way you will never have more than you need around, you will use things up completely so you wont regret how much you've spend on the product and you'll never use old makeup on your face that might cause breakouts or prematurely age you. Do you know about the expiration date logo? Its looks like this one and it tells you how many months it lasts after opening.

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I never knew about this label. Thank you

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@sephoramusthave you are awesome! thanks for explaining what that jar picture was!! i always saw it and seriously wondered what it was for. now i feel dumb, but glad you clarified! Smiley Happy

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Dont feel dumb katie723! I actually didnt know about it until this year either. katie1724 told me about it so you should thank her instead! Smiley Very Happy

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loreen--If its difficult for you to throw stuff away, start with the liquidy or soft textured products first like lipsticks, glosses, balms, cream/liquid foundations/blushes etc. That stuff gets pretty nasty after the expiration date and its not something you want to take a risk with. Pressed Powders and loose/mineral makeup lasts a lot longer.


When you're done cleaning out, do the Project 10 Pan with us! We pick 10 makeup/skincare items and we use those same ones everyday until they are completely spent. That way you use up your collection before its time to throw them out and it reminds you of how much stuff you dont need. Smiley Wink

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The product that's hard for me to throw out is eyeshadow palettes.  It can, depending on usage, take a long time to completely use up a palette, especially if you change out for the seasons.  It's a good thing they're good for two years lol. 


I read somewhere (can't remember where)  about cleaning pressed makeup such as eyeshadow to kill possible bacteria.  Has anyone heard or read about this? 

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@kimmi1115:  Are you referring to a video like this?  bPoMpBlmUBQ  Put that bundle of text into the youtube search bar.  


Hope that helps. 

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oh that's a good video tip! i've read a few different ways but i haven't tried any yet... i'm too scared! lol.


i'm definitely not good about tossing things by the expiration. eeep

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im hesistant to toss my makeup products past their expiration date also! i looked at some of my lip glosses from xmas last year and it says to toss them after 6 months... oops! and ive only used them a handful of times, too! id feel terrible throwing them out. but, can you imagine what kind of bacteria is in there?! eek!


ALSO, my NAKED palette is supposed to be thrown out in 6 months?! I have no intention of tossing that in January! no wayyy! hehe.


i went to IMATS (International Makeup Artist Tradeshow) in LA in June and there was a brand called Beauty So Clean (the video posted in the previous posts mentioned this brand) that had makeup disinfecting sprays (for powders) and wipes (for lip sticks and creams). I really wanted to purchase these products since they had a great Tradeshow Discount... but they sold out Smiley Sad I will definitely invest in one soon (maybe if theyre at next years IMATs) so i can disinfect my makeup every week or so.

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hey katie! The video mentioned that isopropyl alcohol was the same thing as beauty so clean spray - so maybe give that a try? I put it in a little 2oz spray bottle i got for a $1 at walmart. lol 

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I never liked disinfecting wipes. If you read the label, it says that the surface must be kept wet for at least 10 min to kill 99.9% of bacteria but wipes typically keep surfaces wet for 2-3 seconds, they dry pretty much instantly. Which ends up killing nothing. Waste of money.


I'm sure the sprays are much better though.

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I am pretty rigid about tossing mascara, concealer, foundation, cream blush, lipstick, glosses -- anything liquid, cream or gel-based goes as soon as it starts to change smell or consistency, or past the date (particularly mascara).


However, I have had certain powder blushes for years, because I collect them, and they're fine -- really. If you keep them clean and store them in a cool, dry place (not in your bathroom or anywhere humid), they are able to be used without issue. I think the expiry dates are a bit conservative, too -- it's really the time period the manufacturer is willing to be responsible for the product.

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These are the timelines that I live by:


1. Mascara-3 months unless the expiration date logo says otherwise. ( Some mascaras last 6 months)

2. Concealer-18 months

3. Liquid Foundation-1 year

4. Loose powder foundation-no expiration date

5. cream eyeshadow-1 year

6. powder eyeshadow-2 years

7. lip pencil-3 years

8. lipstick-2 years

9. lipgloss-1 year

10. nailpolish-2 years

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They'll have to pry my eyeshadows from my cold, dead hands.  As far as my MUFE Camouflage palette.  I can see going over this with alcohol to kill any topical germs, but I'm not throwing it away until it becomes ineffective due to drying out. 


Mascara I totally get. Eyeliners can be sharpened and sterilized with alcohol. 


Moisturizers and skin care - yes I would toss, but I'm pretty good with that because I have such terribly sensitive skin. I use the few products that work with my skin well within the expiry date, so that's not a problem.


Some things I'm just not willing to bend on.  LOL

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