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Thoughts on Big Makeup Kits

We've all seen them, and I'm willing to guess we've all owned one at one point or another.  The large makeup kits that various stores sell.  Buy this set of makeup for about $50 bucks that is comparable to $350 worth of makeup (or what price comparisons they have). 


Anyway, what are your thoughts on the big kits?


The kit I bought before I discovered the world of Sephora was the Victoria's Secret Mega Makeup Kit.  It has 90 items, and I got it for $44 with a comparable value of $432.  I thought I was getting a steal when I saw the price.  I looked for reviews online, but no one really had any out yet.  Basically, I was trusting the name of Victoria's Secret.  I like their lipgloss and lipstick sold individually there. 






The kit was alright.  Better than stuff bought at Walmart or drugstores.  The brushes are crappy though, but I kinda expected that anyway.  Gotta be carefuly how I apply the eyeshadows, or it will fall into my eye.  Not fun lol.  But I do have some favorite shades in the kit.


Overall, I think kits are fun to play around with and practice techniques with the various colors.  I don't like how they are not portable whatsoever.  I can't pop out one of the lipglosses or lipsticks to take with me.  That would be nice though lol.


Re: Thoughts on Big Makeup Kits

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I think big sets are great for people just starting out, who want a variety of new stuff, and the price is definently worth it. While, some things in sets might not very much appeal to you, but buying everything that's in the set that does appeal to you, individually, would cost you a fortune(: Sometimes if you're like me, and you don't want a HUMONGOUS set, then I like to get those smaller sets with just a few different things. The Anastasia Kisses on my List Lipgloss Set with, I think, 6 lipglosses for only $30 ($126 value), in my personal opinion is a great deal, and you don't necessarily have to get a huge package. I would definently recommend that!


Re: Thoughts on Big Makeup Kits

Honestly, I find big makeup kits and palettes extremely overwelming and I feel like I'll never use half the colors and it will be a complete waste. I mean, in all honesty, is anyone truly going to go down to the pan in each huge palette they own? Highly doubt it. & That's where the waste comes in.


Re: Thoughts on Big Makeup Kits

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I'm not big on big makeup kits lol I'm really picky about my lipglosses/lipsticks and I usually wouldn't wear the colors included. I like to play up my eyes instead. And usually the blushes don't work for me. I have mild rosacea and am veerry light so my blush/bronze is limited too.


I do love eyeshadow kits that are smaller and portable. I love my Stila Natural Eye Palette and my Vegan Urban Decay Palette. Still haven't caved for the Naked, cause I think too make of the colors are too glittery/shimmery. (I'm trying to do more professional looks, since I'm job hunting so glitter is def out for now.) I did order Kat Von Ds Saint Palette. That looked like it had shimmer but not glitter. I cannot wait for that to come in! And i'm dying for the Smokey Palette from MUFE. But big kits I pass on.


Re: Thoughts on Big Makeup Kits

When I was younger every once in awhile I would get a giant makeup kit as a gift and back then I loved it because it had everything I needed and it allowed me to play with different colors and see what went together and what shades looked best on me. And it was always fun to whip it out when friends came over, it kept us busy for hours! However, I have never spend my own money on these kinds of kits because I dont like the pigmentation, quality, and lack of portability. I dont lug around my makeup bag in my purse but I do go on vacations every year and I need something that wont take up too much space. Right now I would rather have one quality makeup item of each that I use everyday and use up completely, then have a giant makeup kit that I never use.


Re: Thoughts on Big Makeup Kits

I'll always love Sephora's kits, but others bought from different stores have never been outstanding whatsoever. Kits bought from bargain stores smell faintly of playdough and paint :s Not so good putting that on your face. Bleh.


Re: Thoughts on Big Makeup Kits


When I was younger and first started experimenting with makeup, I was really into the big makeup kits. I would get one for christmas or my birthday in junior high and just play around with all of it. Most of those kits were aimed at younger teens though, so the quality was terrible. I bought one of the sephora kits when I was a sophomore in highschool and I really loved it. I can't remember what it was called but it had 4 seperate pieces. each piece had like 10 shadows, a blush and 2 lipglosses or something, each piece was like a different look. I used the neutral one the most, and the shadows were pretty good quality. I only used one of the blushes, and none of the lipglosses just because i hate applying lipgloss with a brush.


I'm almost 19 now and I have somewhat moved on from the big makeup kits. The only ones I buy now are eyeshadow kits. I saw Urban Decay's Naked palette when it first came out and passed on it because it was $44 and I just didn't want to spend that kind of money on makeup, I had just started my job at a local grocery store and I wanted to save up for college. I definitely regretted it because right after that the palette was sold out for months! I finally got my hands on it in January and I'm so glad I did. It is my absolute best purchase, I use it almost every single day. I'm not a big fan of color and the naked palette was perfect for me! I just bought another palette from Urban Decay yesterday, the 15th anniversary palette, and I can't wait for it to get here! I have become a huge fan of Urban Decay and I'm sure I will always love their products.


As far as makeup kits go, I really don't see the need for them. I never use the blushes or lipglosses, and they're usually not good quality anyways. I'm just going to stick with my eyeshadow palettes for now. (:


Re: Thoughts on Big Makeup Kits

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I have definitely bought my fair share of big makeup kits because they look so appealing because they have every color eyeshadow you would want and blush, lipgloss, etc. But actually, the quality of the huge sets are never as good as buying the single colors you would just normally choose. When something is too good to be true it usually is. Last year I had actually bought a sephora set similar to this at JCPenny and the quality was terrible because the eyeshadows were hardly pigmented and the eyeliners never stayed on longer than ten minutes and the lip gloss was too sticky for my preference. If youre looking for large pallettes of eyeshadow colors you should try Coastal Scents or Bh Cosmetics Awesome :smileyhappy:




Re: Thoughts on Big Makeup Kits

PS I Just checked and the 3rd Sephora kit with the name I couldn't recall was The "Colorista" kit and it's on sale at $19 from the $36 I spent- DEF worth it at the last price and a STEAL at under $20!!!


Re: Thoughts on Big Makeup Kits

you know as much as a makeup and especially eye-shadow freak I am, I am not into big kits at all! for a couple of  reasons:

1) Much of the time with these kits the blushes, lipsticks and some of the eyeshadows will either not show up or will look especially chalky on dark skin. Even the Sephora palettes with the blushes, I take one look at the blushes/bronzers and know that I won't get any use out of them. So in essence I lose.


2) Buying a huge palette would hinder me (out of shopper guilt) from buying an eyeshadow that stood out to me. In the end I would think "man, I really shouldn't buy this, I have that huge palette at home!" Trust me that would get annoying very quickly.


3) These eyeshadows are sometimes packed so close together and overtime with use will get crumbly and when that happens they start to fall over one another. I would get pretty upset if my blue started mixing in my brown, or my green started mixing in my white. Even when you flick your brush in one pot, some of it flies in the ones next to it, That would drive me crazy.


All in all I think Inglot's freedom system is right on. You pick what colors stand out to you. Or like at MAC you can develop your palette overtime. For someone like me I think that's a better way to go.


Re: Thoughts on Big Makeup Kits

I agreed with much of what you said....however being a Sephora fan I have become quite loyal to their kits (when I am looking for one) as opposed to other brands- the main reason: PORTABILITY (which as you mentioned is typically an issue with kits/palettes.) I mean imagine, you find a great color or combo of colors that work for you and then what? You're limited to ONLY using at home. NOT with Sephora's kits, with their usual sensible flair, they have created kits that allow for the portability factor! Sephora kits have all the variety and colors but the added bonus is that often times they will include a portable compact for each of the individual shades that pop out and fit into the mini compact (usually there is a magnet feature that holds them in place within the mini compact!)  Coincidentally I just purchased a second version of one such palette today; the Sephora, Allure Beauty Editor palette edition! I had purchased a similar one last Fall on my Sephora trip in Philly. These palettes have a variety of shades grouped together (as a look, "date night", "artsy", etc.) that pop into the portable compact. I have also purchased in the past a third Sephora palette which held a whole slew of colors that coud be mixed and matched individually (I forgot the name of that set, but the portable compact was horizontally rectangular) and I was VERY fond of that palette for it's variety of colors and the versatility of the option to mix and match your Individual favorites!  As always, the Sephora brand palettes offer GREAT value- and I do NOT mind spending $$$ for great makeup (My VIB status reflects this :smileyhappy: however it IS always nice to get great value with Sephora brand's quality: the pigments are good quality, they have long wear staying power and I found the shades to be true to their appearance! So my vote for palettes goes to Sephora brand palettes: FUN, Versatile and good quality and Value!!! So try Sephora's and experiment with a variety of colors and then bring your faves with you on the go in the portable compact (included with palette kit)!!! Talk about the best of both worlds!!!


Re: Thoughts on Big Makeup Kits

I don't personally like big kits because they aren't portable and you can't take any of the colours to go, as you have mentioned. The one kit I was interested in was the Allure Beauty Editor Palette by Sephora  I think it's cool that you can take the lip colours to go and that the palettes are removable. The one big kit I had was from Tarte and I got it 2 years ago.

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