Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

Yay? Nay?


Why can't guys wear makeup and girls can...?

Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

whose the guy on top? 

I couldn't imagine Lee Joon without his tightlines 


Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

Ahaha, the guy on top is Hanbyul from LED Apple. He's Australian (love the accent~~) and I got addicted cuz he did a Music Note series on youtube where he covers popular songs, mostly English, and the money from the ads for views goes to charity. He also used to co-host Afterschool Club, an English show that introduces kpop idol groups and allow them to interact with their fans. They are not a dancing group, so I don't really see them promoting much.


Oh I know the guy you just posted! >.<......ack, he's either from Infinite or Ukiss.....I think Infinite. I don't follow them closely (not as close as Shinee, Exo, 2ne1, Big Bang, and 100%).

Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

Thank you for explaining 

I thought he was from one of the newer groups like VIXX, BAP, BTS, etc. but I have never heard about LED apple

I could picture him speaking in an Australian Accent though (which I also think will make him look cuter lol) 


Sung Gyu is from Inifinite Smiley Happy you guessed it right. I was never interested in anyone who debuted after Be2st, but I think hey're super cute and hard working Smiley Happy 

I'm probably very biased though.. because no one else, not even my closest friends think he's cute..

Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

Was Sung Gyu in running man together with L? I found them to be really cute in RM Smiley Happy

& I couldn't agree more about Lee Joon and his tightlines.

Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

Yes I think so 

I usually don't watch RM but its possible because Sunggyu really likes L like a younger brother. 

(I only watched when CN blue and Simon D came out because I love Yonghwa and Simon D combolol) 

Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

Are your friends asian? I find that in general Asian people like the bigger eye look and don't think small eyes are cute, while westerners think that smaller/thinner eyes are "exotic" etc etc. 


Eitherway, I like him. I saw an episode of Infinite on Weekly Idol where they measured his eyes....compared to his other groupmates. I loled. 


I don't really follow groups, mostly just whatever song's got a good dance routine, except for 2ne1.

Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

Most of my friends are Korean 

I agree though they like those "anime character" looking boys 

big eyes, pale skin, tiny tiny face, etc. 

I'm also Korean, but I like those longer eyes like Lee Joon's or Woohyuns 


I'm such a bad fan 

I never really follow them. I'm also very critical. I don't understand fans that shields... if a song is bad, its bad.. doesn't matter if they sang it well.. 

I even gave up joining their fan club because the questions were ridiculous. I didn't like how I have to know all of their albums and release dates.. with correct spelling too. 

Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

Haha, I'm a bad fan, too then. That's the reason why, despite my obsession with kpop, I didn't hang around on kpop forums. It's mostly populated by teenagers who think their idols are perfect angels and gets enraged when others didn't like the song or concept or whatever. And it's a bit too superficial for my taste most of the time.

Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

lol yes I couldn't agree more. 

I hate the little kids comparing and praising their idol at the expense of other groups as well and fighting.

even on naver news, I hate how they attack someone if they say that they don't like the song, they need more practice in acting, etc. embarrassing. these kpop idols aren't gods. they have their flaws, and most of them clearly shouldn't be in dramas.. 

Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

Guys definitely CAN wear makeup, I just feel like it depends where you live, people can be really harsh and that can play a big role in someone's individuality. I went to a catholic high school & there were never many harsh restrictions on piercings, makeup or modifications of any sort. So I was lucky enough to learn in an environment that encouraged that sort of thing. 


I find nothing wrong with men who delve into beauty products or anything that may seem more "feminine"

I mean just look at Jeffree Star. He's a full out makeup junkie & is even doing a makeup tour giving tutorials. There are tons of people who hate his guts for whatever reason & think he's weird, but he's comfortable in his own skin. 


And then there are performers like Marilyn Manson & Chris Motionless that get all dolled up for stage but also wear it on the regular. 


If it floats your boat and makes you happy I say all the power to ya. Hopefully over time it will be seen as more socially acceptable.

Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

Love the sunglasses cat!!

Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

chris motionless <3

Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

It's cultural, a social norm, but it's changing fairly rapidly even outside of the LGBT community.  A lot of the change is youth based and greatly influenced by Asian media where the taboo of makeup on men has been fading for longer.

Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

Not going to even tip toe around this, but this thread has a high possibility of opening up into some raw territory, I see you are new to Beauty Talk, so I would say tread wisely.


You're asking for "thoughts" in your subject line, yet ask a blatant question of "Why can't guys wear makeup and girls can...?" which brings in a whole other matter completely. The thoughts on guys wearing make up isn't, nor should it be, directly and instantly correlated to females who wear make up. To bring the two together is opening up debate for not just those who find it against their personal tastes/reasons for males wearing make up or those with no issues with males wearing make up, but also for those who may see that you're assuming girls "can" wear make up when some users may see stipulations to that assumption, for example girls of a younger age group who they deem wearing make up as being age-inappropriate.


Is there a particular reason you're looking to test the waters here with such an inquiry?


We have had many male users on Beauty Talk within the past who open admit to wearing make up for daily life as well as for theatrical/costume use to the style of drag. If you are interested in make up and have honest inquiries for your needs and wants, please feel free to share them as this forum is here to help and many users (including myself) are more than happy to assist without judging. If for any reason you feel a user is being rude or impolite to your inquiry you can report such action to Moderators for review. 


Please just note that Beauty Talk isn't a place to ruffle up debate or to be a place for intentional, inflammatory subject matter, it would be unfortunate if Moderators would have to close down threads.

Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

You are making a lot of assumptions in this statement. So far, the thread is fine and to tell someone to "tread wisely"? What is this, Breaking Bad? The only person "ruffling up" something is you. S/he asked people what they thought about guys wearing makeup and why it is socially acceptable for women to wear it and not men. There is no need for you to come on here and try to tell her how to post her questions. Let the mods do their job. If you think someone is testing the waters and you don't like it then it would be polite to just move on and leave them be, not decide for yourself that this is too controversial for you when perhaps others would like to discuss it.

Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

Sometimes questions posed in this manner are done for research stats.

I'm not accusing the OP of this, I'm just saying I've known people to do things like this rather than asking to fill out a poll formally.

Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

Well said,  lylysa! Smiley Happy

Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

Thanks, Kenny!



Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

[ Edited ]

I have a friend and he is AMAZING at makeup. He usually just does a more natural look with contouring, but he'll play up his lips fairly often, or wear false eyelashes. 


Also, I know many guys who wear concealer, lip tint, or guyliner.


While society accepts that women wear makeup more than man, makeup isn't gender-exclusive. 


Honestly, if you want to wear it, go for it. Who care if someone thinks it's odd, makeup is personal, and it's for you.

Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

Thank you so much for this comment, I didn't see this yet, even though it was 2 days old but it totally made my day feel so much better

Re: Thoughts about guys wearing makeup

It's just a social norm. It's up to you whether you want to follow it or not. Like how nothing is stopping men from wearing dresses or skirts and nothing is stopping women from hairy legs, but most people choose to follow convention.

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