The order in which I apply makeup is ???????

Of course there is no right or wrong answer but I thought it would be interesting to see how my fellow BT'ers handle their makeup routine. 


The MUA at Sephora did my eyes first then applied foundation, concealer, blush and lastly lipstick.


The routine. I always followed is to do my face first (foundation, concealer. and powder if necessary) then onto my eyes, cheeks and lastly lips.


What is your routine?

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Hi HookedonBeauty2,


I don't think this is a right or wrong order to do your makeup. I personally like to do all of my eye makeup first and then continue on to my face. I feel like my eyes always take me a lot longer than my face, so I like to do my eyes first to ensure I have enough time to finish everything. 


On days that I am wearing very minimal makeup, I will do my face first and then just apply mascara. I feel like on days that I am wearing less makeup, it is more important for me to perfect my skin because when I am short of time, I won't wear any eyeshadow. 


I always do my brows last regardless of whatever else I am wearing. I used to do my brows first but I found that my foundation or powder would cling to the area near my eyebrows and I would always have to re-do them anyway. Smiley Happy




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I never thought of doing eyes first! 


I always do face


1. Face - bb or foundation, then Smashbox Halo. I'm a new convert and I LOVE this stuff! 

2. Eye primer- UD Anti Aging

3. Blush while primer sets

4. Lip balm while primer sets

5. Sometimes brows while primer sets- Smashbox Brow Tech followed by BeneFit Gimme Brow to set

6. Eyes- neutral base, crease, lid

7. Liner- gets its own category because it's necessary

8. Curl lashes

9. Blend/fuzz up the liner

10. Mascara

11. Lippie

12. Mascara

13. Clean up mascara

14. More mascara

15. Make sure brows still in place - they're unruly bishes

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If I'm going to do a heavier eye look (like a super smokey eye) where I might be worried about some fallout I like to do my eyes first. But if my eye look is simpler I'll start with primer, concealer, and then BB cream or foundation, then blush, eyes, and then lips last.

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Moisturizer, primers, foundation/concealer/powder, blush, eyeshadow, liner, mascara, brows, lips, finish spray by urban decay if it has to reaaaally be sealed in! Not sure if I missed anything...

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face primer

lip primer 





eye primer




lip liner

face powder

another coat of mascara

straighten brows with a brush

move on to hair....

Re: The order in which I apply makeup is ???????

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in this order:


prep: Toner, Moisturizer, eye cream, eye primer


e/s, face primer, under eye primer, eye liner


liquid fdn, concealer, set concealer, powder, bronzer, highlight, blush

(if im just wearing powder i will put on concealer first, set and then powder)


spray, mascara, lip products- liner, lipstick gloss, brows if wanted & finish with mufe hd if needed

Re: The order in which I apply makeup is ???????

I do brows first, then eyes (primer, shadow, liner, mascara primer, mascara), concealer, foundation, setting powder, bronzer, blush, highlighter, finishing powder, touch up brows if needed, and lipstick.

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I always do eyes, except brows and mascara first. This way if I make a mess my foundation doesn't have to be reapplied. eyes, foundation, blush, setting powder, brows, mascara then lipstick last. I don't like setting powder in my lashes or brows! Smiley Wink

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I think that makes the most sense. Of course I don't ever learn my lesson and I'm like "Nah I'll do face then eyes" too-much-makeup.jpg


but I'm terrible with eye makeup and end up looking like that, so I have to wash the whole thing off and start over again... I'm awful.

Re: The order in which I apply makeup is ???????

Most days it's: moisuturizer, primer, foundation, powder, contour, blush, concealer (if I use it), brows, eyes, mascara. When I do "heavier" eye looks, I do it before foundation in case there's any fallout.

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1) Primer

2) Concealer

3) Foundation

4) liquid highligher for contouring

5) eye primer

6) setting powder

7 ) eyeshadow

8) eyeliner and tightliner

9) eyebrows

10) mascara

11) contour powder

12) blush

13) highligher

14) finishing powder

15) chapstick and lipstick


ta da!


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I get pretty intense and wild when I apply eyeshadow so when I'm using dark shadows their is a bit of fallout so I always do my eyes first! I'll apply eye primer, shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lashes and then I'll move on to my eye brows! 


After my eyes are finished I'll apply foundation primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush, highlight! 


I always do my lips last unless I'm centering an entire look based on my lipstick choice! My makeup is pretty standard though so any lip color will do! Smiley Happy

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1.Fix+(I have oily skin, so for me this is a great "moisturizer",it also calms any red in my face)

2.Lip Balm

3.Eye Cream
4.Eye primer
6.Eye makeup
8.Falsies (if I'm wearing them)
10.Fix+ (to set foundation)
11.Cream/liquids (if any,I never use creams or liquids after I have used a powder of any kind)
12.Translucent Powder (in t zone/set under eye concealer)
16.Highlight (if it's not a cream)


Wow, when you write it down it seems like a lot/excessive lol. But, as I think we all's completely necessarySmiley Wink

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I guess this is the order if I'm doing the whole shebang...I'll put a * by my everyday routine:



Eye Cream*



Lip Balm





Setting Powder*

Eye Primer*








Finishing Powder

Lip Liner



Re: The order in which I apply makeup is ???????

I was my face, apply moisturizer and primer.




eyeshadow (if any)

eye liner

brows (I usually wear liquid eyeliner so I like to let it dry before doing lashes)

mascara (I curl and prime them)

blush/bronzer/highlighter (if any)

If I do lips it's done in the car before I walk into my destination


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(Edited to add that all of this happens after my face is washed and SPF is on - which I do before I make coffee, which I do before the following:  )

Moisturizer and eye cream (let this sit for a few minutes while I brush my teeth) 

Eye primer


Eyemakeup (minus mascara)


Blush/bronzer/highlight if cream/liquid

Powder if I'm doing it that day

Blush/bronzer/highlight if powder




I do it in this order so that I can clean up fall out from eyeshadow and clean up the edges easily without messing up a previously-applied full face. I do mascara last so that the powder doesn't get caught in the mascara. If I'm doing something with mascara that's two-step, like false lashes or primer, I'll sandwich the lipstick with that, so that I'm not wasting time. 

Re: The order in which I apply makeup is ???????


Eye cream

Oil-control primer

Eye shadow primer



Setting powder

Eye shadow


Highlighter or bronzer (sometimes)


Lip balm

Lipstick and/or gloss


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Which eye cream do you use?

Re: The order in which I apply makeup is ???????

Olay Total Effects.

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