The BEST Self Tanner at Sephora?

What is the BEST self tanner that is sold at Sephora and what are its results? I am pale in the winter and i want to be very tan all over!

Second question! Does Tanning Bed in a bottle by Two Faced give good results and please tell me the results Smiley Happy

THANK YOU Smiley Happy



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St. Tropez is incredible. I bought their regular bronzing lotion as a last resort because I did not have time to go to mystic before my winter formal. I did it the night before, which was a super risky move (from previous experiences with other self-tanners, I am usually left with volatile orange skin, or a muddy dirty looking brown..). St. Tropez left me with a  nice summery bronze, and helped blur my horrid lacrosse sock tan lines from the fall and brighten my pasty winter skin. It was not that smelly, the initial scent is actually pretty nice. Application is fairly easy though a tad time consuming, and YOU NEED TO GO TO THEIR WEBSITE,, AND WATCH THE HOW TO VIDEO; it is under "tanning application videos" on the website. Seriously, they explain exactly how to apply the bronzer; I did not use buffing gloves that it said to use in the video because I didn't have any; I just used my buffing washcloth, and also I did not wait the full 2 hours before getting my skin wet, but it worked just fine (if this info seems irrelevant, it makes sense after you watch the video, I promise!) . I was a tad bit skeptical about the results because it seemed like a weird concept to buff off the bronzer after you put it on, but the outcome was excellent. An even bronze, minimal bronzer smell, and it lasted for about 4 days for me. Just shave/exfoliate/moisturise really well before and what not. I have also heard great things about St. Tropez's tanning foam; I have yet to try that, but I will as soon as I finish my bottle of the bronzing lotion!


To answer your second question, Tanning Bed in a Tube by Too Faced gave me a nice color though it did fade a little too quickly for my taste, and for some reason it made me itchy? Not sure why, but I tend to get itchy with some bronzing products.


Well hope that helped! <3

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