Teenage Makeup

So I was wondering what makeup should I be wearing? I don't really know what looks good on me and I was thinking you guy can help me out? A list of things would be great! Any suggestions/recommendations are welcome! 

About me:


brown hair

brown eyes

light-medium skin tone

oval face

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I never wore makeup as a teenager, except if you count lipgloss. However, if it were up to me I would say keep it very basic and fresh. You have very young skin that is prone to acne at this age so a thick foundation will only enhance this. Plus I knew girls that wore too much makeup to cover up the pimples they got FROM the makeup. So it's a cycle really. I would recommend maybe a BB cream, Maybelline makes a nice one... I think it's called Magic BB cream or something like that. (of course I'm just mentioning a drugstore brand but there are nicer high end ones.) Invest in a good facial wipe (you didn't mention if your skin was sensitive). I like Neutrogena wipes. For actual makeup try neutrals like the NAKED 1 or 2 palette. Palettes allow for you to try out a variety for a good price. For blush, if you want to use them, Benefit has lovely shades that really look good on any skin tone. I have a light complexion and Dandelion looks great. Like I said keep it young and fresh. Too many young girls overdo it and "Age" themselves in the process...and not in a good way. Hope this helps. 

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