Super full everyday makeup bags

I was wondering what everyone carries around all day in their makeup bags, and how big their bag is. I say mine takes up about 1/3 of my tote bag I use for class. It's pretty full of makeup. I honestly don't know why I carry so much around. I recently realized that I didn't need so much stuff, so I'm trying to consolidate everything, and only carry the necessities around. Right now, I carry my foundation, set of brushes, two primers, two mascaras, an eyeliner, an eyebrow pencil, eyelash curler, chapstick, rosebud salve, finishing powder, lipstick, and blotting film.


 So, what about you guys?Smiley Happy

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i just carry my cover up one or two lip glosses eye liner mascara one or two brushes and my chap stick. and rarely i bring shadow, only bring the stuff you know that will wear off during the day, and just try not to touch your face, thats what i do

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