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Leaving for a family vacation in a few days to Music City (Nashville, TN)!  I'm a musician so I look forward to hitting up some venues to see some bands play.  What are everyone's recommendations on things to take when traveling in the summer, I also have a wedding to attend during this time away.





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Hi Jennycakes323,


I like to put my products that I use everyday in little containers. I have had the experience too many times where products start leaking because the weather or airplane pressure.


Deluxe Airless Travel Kit-These little bottles come in really handy.


SEPHORA COLLECTION - Deluxe Airless Travel Kit
I also like traveling with the Josie Maran Argan Oil Moisturizing Stick. It can be used anywhere. I like to use it under my eyes and on my lips.


Josie Maran - Argan Oil Moisturizing Stick

<3 Melissa

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For your purse I'd go with a really good concealer, blush, and finishing powder like MUFE HD, plus a lip gloss and travel size hair product like Fekkai Glossing Cream. You'll have what you need for a few touch ups throughout the day, and will look great even in heat and humidity. As far as the rest of your luggage/beauty arsenal go, I'd suggest a makeup palette that will reduce the amount of makeup you need to bring- something with eye and cheek colors all in one. Laura Mercier has one right now that looks perfect, but this site is full of many others that would do the trick. Travel kits from Korres, Caudalie or L'Occitane are great for shower supplies. Have fun!

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I love Jininebt's idea of travel sizes.  Use them while you're there and not worry about carrying heavy products back.  This is why is so great.  They let you choose sample sizes.  Throughout the year you can accumulate sample sizes.  Here are some starters...


Body wash: L'Occitane

  You can moisturize and wash.  The great thing is that you can purchase refills for this bottle.  If you're "green" then this is a great product. Also, doubles as a hand wash.


Face: Smashbox BB Cream that has SPF

note: I still use a light moisturizer underneath (you can decide)


Maybe consider dry shampoo.  If it's warm and you want to freshen up before you attend other events that evening:

Ojon's Full Detox Rub Out Dry Cleansing Spray (travel size)...however, you may want to use their Dry Cleansing Powder instead of the spray.  This is probably a better choice in case you forget something in the car.  The can may explode if it's too hot in the car. 


The obvious choice after this would be Sephora's travel pop-up brushes with mirror.  Carry it in your purse or wherever.


L'Occitane Shea Butter Body lotion

  Great product since you can moisturize without a lot of scent.  You won't have bees next to you because you smell like a flower.  This can double as a hand lotion, too. 


Body SPF: Aveeno Baby.  I know this is not a Sephora brand but since you do have a baby it's appropriate.  Also, my dermatologist recommended this to me for my face and body, both.  She said it's sensitive enough for the face.  That's why the "Aveeno Baby SPF" 50, though I'm an adult.  It's a good product.


Have fun in Nashville!



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My basics for travel include:

Powder foundation (liquid if I'm experiencing break out/anticipate one)


Black Mascara

One eyeshadow shade (or small palette)


Lip Balm

Cleanser (if you really want to be efficient in packing, Dove's beauty bar is an excellent substitute for your regular cleanser)

Clarisonic Mia

Moistuizer (can double as hand/body lotion, makeup-remover, cuticle lotion, eye cream, frizz-tamer, etc)


Travel-sized toothbrush & toothpaste

Travel-sized deoderant



EYEDROPS (An absolute must, at least for me--can also be used to reduce redness on pimples)


Nail file (for quick fixes!)


I know it sounds like a lot, but for me these are the necessities!  Happy and safe travels!

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Hi jennycakes323,


I have a handful of things that I absolutely must have during trips rather they're just for a weekend or a week outside of staples like body wash, deodorant, etc. Facial mists are always really refreshing especially ones with calming aromas like lavender, cucumber, or rose.


Sample sized products/packets are excellent to travel with because they don't take up much room, are usually TSA approved, and can usually be finished in a single trip. This is also a great option if you have sample sized perfume vials.


Hand lotion and body butter are also necessities. I always feel like my skin gets super dry when I'm traveling, especially by plane. Under eye roller balls are ideal if you have a tendency to get bags or dark circles.


Ole Henriksen - Balancing Cucumber™ Face Mist

Josie Maran - Whipped Argan Oil Ultra-Hydrating Body Butter

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Instant Depuffing Roll-On Gel


Whimsically yours,

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Welcome to Nashville! I'm always excited to hear about other people's opinions of my town and I hope you enjoy your visit. Check out the Bluebirde Cafe if you can and then pretty much anything downtown on Broadway is gonna be exciting on the weekends. A lot of people walk to different places along this street so everything is pretty local.


As far as traveling, I would suggest just necessities. For example, maybe a tinted moisturizer, mascara and eyeliner. If you want to just be prepared if you go out, you may want to pick a palette that has some of your favs, that way, you can consolidate. I also think NARS has a 3-in-1 "stick" called The Multiple... you can use as blush, lipstick or eyeshadow so that might be convenient and minimize your load.


NARS - The Multiple


Otherwise, I would just say bring water, a hair tie and a big hat you can throw on. It gets pretty hot!


Hope you have a great time in Nashville and welcome! ;-)

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Lip balm with SPF. Can also be used fry dry spot in emergency. If it's tinted then it's a substitute for lipstick and also can be used as temporary blush.


Facial spray. Summer = sweaty = smelling. A facial spray is good for your skin, refreshing, and makes you smell nice.


If you are oily, a mattifying powder. If you are normal/dry, a highlighter. would be good for the special occasions. Other than that, just bring big sunglasses and a floppy hat you can squish into your luggage.

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This is what I would bring in terms of makeup/skin care, to add to some of the great suggestions you already have. It seems like alot but I carry all of these items in a medium sized (maybe 6 x 8 inches) makeup bag in my carry on handbag in a plane so its not too much, IMO:


1) Tinted lip balm with spf

2) Tinted moisturizer or BB cream with spf, if oily than maybe a compact powdered foundation may be better option as beautytester suggested.  

3) Lip/Cheek Stain

4) Facial Mist

5) Moisturizing cleanser (with the summer heat, a cream cleanser will be moisturizing enough, especially with the tinted moisturizer afterward, if your not too dry)

6) Small pack of Facial wipes (inexpensive brand which you can also use to clean hands)

7) Small tube of oothpaste can double for a spot treatment for the occassionally pimple in a fix (not to be smeared over face).

8) Visine (also reduces the redness of a blemish, not to be used frequently, just if you have a red blemish and you want to minimize before putting make-up on)

9) I really love those toothbrush looking minis that you can buy in the drugstore to freshen up your teeth/mouth, the ones with the "gel" in the center....I forget what the are called.

10) Any handy minis or samples you may have would also be a great option, especially if you have some mini mascaras around


Have a great trip!

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I travel light when it comes to beauty items and my staples are multi-use things such as a moisturizing sunscreen (Mychelle Sun Shield or Lavanila Baby Block) and color sticks that can be used as both blush and lipstick (my favorite is Josie Maran Color Stick in Petal Pink).

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Are you traveling by plane or otherwise?  It depends on how much you need to condense (or not).  For example, if you don't have a lot of room, I would bring L'Occitane's almond cleansing oil for body.  It moisturizes and it cleanses. 

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 jessica223344 -  we are driving but we have a 6 month old baby and all her paraphernalia to contend with so I would like to condense as much as possible and still have some options.

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