Summer Colors!
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As we all know warmer times are coming near! And we start to swap creamy winter colors; to sheer fun summer colors! I just don't know which eye/blush shades to try!


Things you should know:

-Super duper fair with cool undertone

-Big brown deep set eyes

-Brown hair with red highlights


I'm interested in the tarte Maracuja blush (or however you spell it). But I don't know which shade to use. I like fun colors, but I don't like statement pieces, I like the natural more muted look!


Thank you!

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I think you can try any of the Maracuja blush colors... One is soft, sort of a champagne cream color, one is pink and would look great with your cool undertones, and the third is coral which is the hottest shade of the season.  So it is hard for me to pick!  All of them will be natural enough to not look too bright, but if you want the most flattering shade, I would go for the pink on called Moonlight. 





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I have a cool skin tone and fair skin also and I love Coral and Peachy colored Blushes they don;t wash out my skin and they aren't over powering either.


As for eye shades I've been noticing a lot of citrusy colored shadows where I live (central coast of California) Lime Greens, Oranges, and Super Bright Yellows and Teals and Turquoises also.


And melon Colored lips. All the CalPoly University girls are rocking Melon Lips

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