Summer Beauty Essentials
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Do you guys have any summer beauty essentials that you could not live without during then? I'm trying to plan for spring/summer of next year. Thanks!! :smileyhappy:

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Boscia BB Cream! Honestly, this stuff has kept acne away and it seems to melt into the ever changing color of my skin (I go from pale to red to bronze faster than the blink of an eye these days). I never thought a one-size-fits-all product would work for me, until I started getting compliments on how even and glowing my skin looked. Definitely a summer must for me now!
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Kat Von D's eye primer. My eye makeup is surviving hot, humid outdoor summer fun days thanks to this stuff! No creasing!
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1.Definitely a tinted moisturizer Korres has a great one.

2.A cream blush or a gel blush works best and Make Up Forever has a high definition cream blush and you don't need to use much to get some fresh color.

3.A water proof mascara and liner is something good to invest in, there is nothing worse then being hot and finding out your eye make up is melting off.

4. A lip stain is great because it is light for summer days and nights, but make sure you exfoliate your lips first. Take something that is highly moisturizing and rich, and rub it on your lips to soften any dead skin. I use something called Aquafore, you can find it at drug stores. Then leave it on for five to ten minutes. Then take a cheap toothbrush and run it under warm water and gently scrub and rinse your lips. The dead skin will be gone and your lips will never be softer and smoother. The act of the scrubbing will also increase circulation in the lips making them plumper. Finish them off with your favorite stain and bam! Simply beautiful.


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Since I don't tan anymore and use self-tanners on my body, I have to fake a tan on my face.  My preference is to fake my tan using makeup since a self-tanner on my face enhances blemishes and other skin discolorations so I can definitely say that my makeup essential is a bronzer called Benefit "Hoola".  It's wonderful and I use it all summer.  I also use it in the winter months for contouring.


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Great question! I can't live without:


1. A high SPF sunblock! On a daily basis, I love Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Daily Liquid Sunblock SPF 70 -- it's meant to be worn under makeup and is super lightweight. I feel protected when I wear it. If I'm actually going to be IN the sun (a rarity!), I wear Neutrogena Age Shield Face SPF 110...and a hat. And sunglasses.


2. A sheer blush stick -- my favorite from last year was the NARS Multiple in Cadaques (a fruit punch pink color). Unlike the other cream-blush formulas, this one was water / gel-based and super sheer. I also loved Turks & Caicos, which was a sheer orange (guava) shade.


3. Waterproof eye liner (Benefit BadGal) and Too Faced Lash Injection (these are year-round staples).


4. Smashbox Halo...and Clinque Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder for (frequent) touch-ups.


5. Fun, punchy nail colors -- last year, I loved Essie Tart Deco, Mambo and Shop Till You Drop (the last two being J. Crew exclusive...I think.)



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- sunscreen or moisturizers/primers/foundations with SPF 15 or higher

- oil-free tinted moisturizer for super hot days when you don't want to pile on too many products that can irritate/cause acne

- waterproof mascara

- something coral (blush, lippie, or nail polish) because it goes so well with a tan

- lip gloss with SPF

- super light oil-free gel moisturizer

- Band-Aid blister stick (seriously a lifesaver when you're breaking in cute new sandals)

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My essentials: I have oily skin FYI

-Blotting papers

-Pressed compact with oil absorbing powder

-Waterproof mascara (one that doesn't feel too crunchy)

-oil-free daily SPF lotion (oil of olay oil-free day lotion SPF 15  or Estee Lauder's day wear plus SPF 15 oil-free are two nice options)

-I'm very weary of cream blushes in the summer because of my oily skin. I usually set my base with powder before I apply my other color products like eyeshadow, blush etc so that does help. If I do go with a cream/liquid blush I really really love Benefit's benetint.

A good mattifying primer.

A great oil-free tinted moisturizer.


I tend to keep it simpler in the summer also because I live in a tropical climate.


Hope that helps!


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1. Cream or gel blush: When I put on powder blush in the summer, it can really cake up, so I prefer cream blush. It gives you a really natural, dewy glow. I like NARS Multiple Tint in Beverly Hills for a gel formula. I like Stila Convertible Color in Poppy or Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral for a cream formula.

2. Tinted moisturizer: The combination of sheer coverage and SPF makes this perfect for summer. My favorite is Laura Mercier's Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer.
3. Lip Stain: I don't like the feeling of lip gloss on my lips when the weather is hot. Even lipstick feels like too much. A lip stain like Josie Maran's marker-style stain or Benetint means that I don't get hair stuck to my lips when the wind blows.
4. Sunblock: My favorite is Kate Somerville Serum Sunscreen SPF55.
5. Waterproof mascara: I like a waterproof mascara that isn't too thick or volumizing, otherwise my lashes just feel really heavy and that adds to the gross summer sticky feeling. A good, simple one is Fiberwig mascara!
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Definately! MUFE aqua liner in charcoal...doesn't come off and BE mineral makeup,just a touch in one shade darker than I should wear makes me look super tan! Waterproof mascara( whatever fav is yours) and lipfusion lipgloss...I wear this even to the pool on vacay! Good idea planning ahead! :smileyhappy:

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