Steps to applying makeup...

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What are the steps to applying makeup?  I am talking about like which step do you do first and which step do you do last....some people start with primer or concealer and end with powder etc etc...


I would like some recommendations and tips on these steps. If this makes sense....

Re: Steps to applying makeup...

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I like to be a little different and start with my eyes off first just in case of fall out. I prime my lids, and apply a base (depending on what look I am going for), and mascara. If I have fall out, I sweep my fan brush around my face, or take some make up remover if it's stuck in my skin. Then I prime my face, foundation (if I have time or it'll be a long day), concealer, and I apply translucent powder on my face to make sure it lasts all day. For lips, I keep it natural usually, but if I want to wear lipstick for that day, I first apply lip balm and then the lip color, and blot a bit. 

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my routine:

1. eye primer

2. eyeshadow

3. face primer

4. eyeliner for water line and upper lash line (while face primer dries)

5. foundation

6. blush/brozer

7. finishing powder

8. eyeliner for lower lash line (if I'm doing it)

9. brow powder

10. mascara

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1) Moisturize: ALWAYS moisturize before you start any process, your skincare comes first, especially when you enter the world of make-up. Wait maybe a few minutes then...

2) Apply Primer (this is optional, I don't always do it but it helps create a smooth, even base for your foundation to adhere to)


The next step varies depending on whether or not I am using Powder or Liquid foundation.


If I am using Powder foundation then Step 3 is applying concealer under my eyes to make it a bit less dark and then Step 4 is applying the powder foundation.


If I am using Liquid foundation  then Step 3 is applying my foundation and Step 4 is applying my concealer.


5) Applying my "color" that is eyeshadow, blush, lipstick.


6) Setting my make-up so it stays put and doesn't transfer as much.


*If I used powder foundation I set my make-up with a setting spray like MUFE's mist and fix spray.*


* If I used liquid foundation I set my make-up with a dusting of loose powder like Make Up Forever's HD microfinish powder or any setting powder (MAC prep and Prime, La Mer setting powder, Urban Decay deslick...)*


7) Mascara


 good luck!


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I do it like this:

Face Primer

Eye Primer

Eye Shadow

Eye Liner




Lip color

Finishing Powder

Make up Setting Spray


I do my eyeshadow before I do my foundation because I often use e/s with glitter. I put finishing powder on my cheeks before doing my eyes. This way, if I get any fallout,  I whisk off the finishing powder when I'm done doing my eyes and the glitter goes bye-bye. Then I finish my face for a flawless look.

Hope that helps!



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Everyone has different steps depending on their personal makeup regime.


My steps are:

1. Moisturizer (with spf if needed)

2. Concealer

3. Prime eyelids

4. Apply eyeshadow

5. Eyeliner

6. Masacara (curl lashes if needed)

7. Apply foundation

8. Appy translucent setting powder

9. Moisturize lips (use a spf infused lipbalm if needed)

10. Apply lipgloss/lipstick

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1. Moisturizer (or, in the summer, just a high SPF sunblock)

2. Face primer

3. Foundation - applied with fingertips and blended with a stipple brush

4. Chapstick

5. Eye primer

6. Blotting sheets for any excess oil

7. Blush

8. Powder

9. Eyeshadow - highlight, lid, then contour

10. Eyeliner

11. Eyebrows (however, if they are being unruly, I will shape them with some brow gel before I start with my eyeshadow)

12. Curl lashes + mascara

13. Lips, i.e.. lipliner + lipstick or lipgloss


I've found that even if there is fallout from my eyeshadow, if I use a cotton ball to gently wipe it off it won't effect the rest of my makeup.


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1) Eye Primer- I do eyes first because if I mess up or have fallout I can easily wipe it off without ruining the rest of my face

2) Eyeshadow

3) Eyeliner

4) Face Primer- if I know I have a long day ahead

5) TInted Moisturizer- I fell that most foundations are too heavy on me

6) Concealer- Some people tell me concealer before foundation, is this true?

7) Blush

8) Powder- I do this towards the end so I can set my eyes

9) Highlighter- under brows on cheeks and above lips

10) Curl my lashes

11) Mascara- I do this at the end so powder doesn't get on it

12) Setting Spray- I like Urban Decay's All Nighter

13) Lipstick -If I'm going someplace special

14) lipgloss!

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1: eyeshadow primer

2. eyeshadow (in order: nuetral, color, crease color)

3: eyeliner (possibly)


5:face primer



8:lipgloss or lipstick

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Great question! Smiley Happy


Here are my steps:

1. Face Primer

2. Eyeshadow Primer

3. Eyeshadow

4. Eyeliner

(I like to do eyes before face so if I have any clean up to do, it doesn't take off anything else I've already done)

5. Foundation

6. Concealer

7. Blush/ Bronzer

8. Loose Powder

9. Brows

10. Mascara

11. Lip Primer

12. Lipliner

13. Lipstick

14. Lipgloss

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1. Moisturizer, Eye cream

2. Concealer

3. under eye concealer

4. Foundation

5. eye primer

6. eye base

7. eyeshadow, liner

8. blush, highlight

9. mascara

10. lips


I left out setting powder because currently I'm not using one.  I used to use mineral veil but it started to make my skin itch, so I'm on the hunt!


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Thats something different that you do in your steps. You apply foundation after doing eye makeup and then apply concealer, then your blush and then powder. Thats very interesting.  Do you do it that way to make your makeup last longer? Also, if you apply concealer after the foundation, does it set in alot better?


I use the MAC Studio Fix Foundation plus Powder currently (trying to finish it up so I can use my new foundation from MUFE Mat+Velvet and MUFE Duo Mat).  So since I use the MAC Foundation/Foundation, can I still use that step that you do?

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I do the eyeshadow first in case I have fall out or mistakes. I figured if I put my foundation on before conceaer  then I know what amount of coverage I'll need for the concealer I put on powder l so I can dust it  over my eye shadow to set it.

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I apply concealer after foundation because for two reasons. 1. I like to see how much coverage I can get out of my foundation and use concealer for touch ups. 2. If you apply foundation on top of concealer, blending the foundation will rub off some of the concealer.  I like to do powder towards the end to set everything and it will also blend blush/bronzer for a more natural look.

I am not familiar with the foundation you are using.  If it's a drier consistency, you can use a loose powder brush to apply a light layer to set and blend. (You will be able to do this with the MUFE Duo Mat).  If it is creamier, you can use a translucent powder to set and blend.  Sephora Collection Professionnel Platinum Natural Powder Brush #40 is a great multi-purpose brush to have in your arsenal.  For a translucent loose powder, you can try MUFE HD Microfinish Powder or Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder. With this particular step it is important to apply the powder sparingly. 

Re: Steps to applying makeup...

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Oh I see what you are saying.  I might try those steps that you do and see if that works for me.  I never thought of it that way...thanks!!! Smiley Happy

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