Stepping up makeup game?

Hi! I'm a 20 year old college junior, and I'm constantly mistaken for the middle school students I coach! I have a round face, round eyes, and genuinely round features, and I'm looking at stepping up my makeup game because I plan on going to law school Spring 2015. One thing I know would help is eyebrow care. I have fair eyebrows, but darker brown hair, and have never groomed them before. I'm terrified of overplucking. I'm a makeup rookie, and I just feel so overwhelmed by the idea of trying to change my routine to look more professional/older, but not cakey? Here's my usual makeup routine (mascara, eyeshadow, and BB cream), but another problem is that I wear glasses. Help?



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I totally understand how you feel! I'm 19, and until this past semester of College (just finished my freshman year) I didn't really wear makeup. Now that I do I usually wear mascara, eyeshadow and sometimes I will wear foundation...but I  still need to find one I really like. In your picture the BB cream looks natural and I have thought about trying it, so maybe I will soon! 

I think since I started wearing makeup, really found my clothing style, and depending on how I wear my hair...the average age I get is usually 16 or 17. It used to be 14/15, so I'll take it haha

Re: Stepping up makeup game?

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Thank you all for your suggestions! I appreciate it a lot!

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I think you have a very nice complexion that doesn't need much help in my opinion. You have really pretty almond shaped eyes that can be played up easily with a bold eyeliner on the top lid. Rounded features unfortunately mean "we look younger than we appear" BUT that is great when we're in our 30s and beyond. For now being in our 20s nobody wants to here that we look younger. Ugh I hate that too, but also like the look on people's faces when they find out your true age! Haha! I have rounded features as well, and I use a bronzer to contour my temples, cheekbones, and anywhere that shades naturally when light is on the face.  


Honestly I wouldn't mess with the face too much.

However, I would maybe play the hair to create a look more geared toward your age group like a curly/wavy wearing it down other than in a ponytail. Ponytails create the illusion of appearing younger since we relate them to children/teens.


Try a dark lipstick like a pretty berry/mauve. Dark lips age the face.



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Another thing to consider is how you wear your hair and clothes. A slightly dressier tshirt, maybe wearing your hair down, those things can make you look more mature. (And at this time of year, a dressier t is not too hard to find and is probably as comfortable as what you're wearing. I had someone tell me how nicely I was always dressed on day last summer, and I think it was just that I had on lightweight pants instead of jeans and a printed, dressier tshirt.)


I'm also afraid you'r one of those people who is cursed with young skin. 30 years from now you will love it, but it is as pain for you now. 

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I'm assuming that's a pic of your make up-less face. Honestly your eyebrows look completely fine. It looks well defined but not unruly, I wouldn't worry about it (from another girl with endowed brows).


1. I see some redness on your face, no blemish, so BB cream or Tinted moisturizer. You can search BeautyTalk to see recommendations for different skintypes. =)


2. It looks like you have some dark areas under your eyes. Try some eye cream targetting dark circles, or a highlighting concealer like YSL touche eclat.


All good makeup/looks need a good canvas, so your complexion/face is especially important. It looks like you have clearly defined brows/lips, so that's really all you need to look like a grown up (the rest are your posture/speech etc). I wear glasses too and don't think mascara do much, but you can experiment with eyeliner and eyeshadows if you'd like. =)

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That's me wearing my normal makeup routine, which is Garnier BB Cream, mascara, and light eyeshadow. 


Thank you for your suggestions! I'll definitely check them out. The dark circles are pains, especially with the shadows that glasses cast. I just panic, because I get mistaken for being much younger all the time. It's become a problem with my work, because parents glance in the room and assume that students are being left alone during late night academic meets, and won't believe me when I insist I'm the coach, LOL! 

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Ah that certainly is problematic. I know some foundation/BB cream turn pink or orange on me. You might want to find one that's a bit yellow toned to match better. In addition to highlighting concealer, try an eye cream for dark circles (the latest one I remember was Tarte Maracuja, but there's prob other good ones).


Also, if you go for fitted clothe, or what mafan said, that would probably help. I don't know what glasses you wear, but if it's the same type as your middle schooler, the kind my mom wants me to get (blah), maybe go for a more professional looking one? I have the rimless type with silver legs (satin finish) so it's not as obvious/intrusive.

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