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Starting with makeup, some advices?

Hey i need some advices, i'm a young girl, but maybe not so young because i'm 19, 20 in January, and i'm starting with makeup. I've never used before because i'm a little afraid of makeup, i've always heard that makeup can sometimes ruin your skin, and wheh i see people with makeup, they always look over-done or weird, you know, people doesn't have black lids, i like it, but not for me. However sometimes i've seen in some celebrities, makeup that are gorgeous, luminous, soft, with bitten lips, glowing skin and lovely lashes, and most important, simple and natural, and i love it; but, obviously, all they look really hard to do, and i'm afraid of making a completely mess xD.

Reading a lot over here, many people seem expert, so, any of you have some advices for me? how to make a natural makeup, without looking over-done, but still being glowing and gorgeous? what are the steps to follow and the products that i should choose?

I will start to work and study soon, so, it's time for me to grow and look more mature. Some help, please!



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I love natural look. And welcome to the world of

I love bare minerals foundation to give you that perfect skin tone without the mask effect. It's extremely light I promise, not thick like a lot of makeup.

I like cream blushes but I personally find them harder to use then a powder blush since blending is a little harder. I'd go with a powder....butttt if you and the bare minerals foundation kit (which is on sale now by the way) you would get a blush/bronzer warmth, it's very natural looking.

For your eyes you can start with just a mascara, I swear by this. Mascara does wonders for your whole face! Opens up your eyes and makes them pop!

IF you want a bit more start with neutral colors.

And if you're really afraid of getting bad skin you should know you should wash off your makeup at the end of the day anyways buttt bare minerals' slogan is "makeup you can sleep in". Basically it's so natural it wont give you pimplesSmiley Happy

hope this helpsSmiley Happy

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