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Starter Kit

I am really bad at deciding what i need!

What are the best brands for a starter kit in makeup?(poweder, eyehadow, foundation, masscara, highlighter, blush/ bronzer)

I don't want it to be too heavy. I don't think a foundation would be the best, but if you know any light ones, i'll try them.

I have blue eyes, red hair and very pale skin.

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Personally, I like Spehora's mega palettes. They have a very wide range of colours for the eyes, lips, and cheeks. It also comes with a mascara.  However I don't know if they have them throughout the year, I do know they are very popular around Christmas time. Sephora also has much smaller ones that you might like. Smashbox has some cool starter kits as well that would be cool for your skin tone. It's all the Try it Kit. Urban Decay also has an eyeshadow palette called Naked in natural colours.


Hope it helps.


Also make sure to buy a small brush set as well. The applicators that usually come in these sets are garbage.

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