Since I have just gotten into makeup, I was wondering... What is your favorite brand of cosmetics? Also, if you were to splurge on one product, what would it be?

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If I could only pick one, I think I would pick Benefit because they have great mascara, highlighters, lip tints, blush, bronzer and I love erase paste.  They have some really unique products and the packaging as always adorable.  If you are looking to try some things out to see what you like, Benefit has a lot of kits available so you try a lot of thier products without inventing too much money.  I recently splurged in Benefits Hoola bronzer beacuase I tried it in stores and fell in love (even though I already have a brozer from another brand that works well too).


I also love Estee Lauder Double Wear for foundation, Urban Decay for eyeliner and Stila for eye shadow.



I splurge on just about everything. I've had too many misses with Drug Store products that I don't think about purchasing them. I can't pick just one brand, but I really like Urban Decay & YSL for makeup. Skin care is just as important, and I like Ole Henriksen, AmorePacific, Peter Thomas Roth and Clarisonic. 


There are so many different brands that I use for difference things.

So my favorite for eyeshadow is urban decay naked, naked 2 and naked basic palettes. Although I am looking into branching out to cream eyeshadows and I think Benefit cosmetics has really nice ones that I'm actually thinking of buying today.

For lip my absolute favorite is Buxom I have their rouge and exhibitionist lipsticks (those two in particular are pretty bold colors but they have others in the collection that aren't). They are long wearing, highly pigmented and give me a satin finish which is really nice since I prefer that over matte any day.

Lip balms my must have is Rosebud Perfume Co. Rosebud Salve it makes my lips all smooth. I use it everydayyyy day and night before I go to bed.

My favorite brand for bb creams is Smashbox camera ready bb cream because it does an amazing job at evening out my skin tone without making me look like I have anything on. 

And the one time I would splurge on is a good moisturizer. Since I started wearing makeup about a year ago I found that without a good moisturizer my makeup just didnt look as nice. Remember whenever you apply makeup on your face like foundation, bb creams, powders etc. you will be able to see random dry patches on your skin. Because this has happened to me so many times I began really searching for a good brand. I have been flirting with the idea of taking the dive and buying the Dior Hydra Life Pro Youth Comfort Creme after getting a sample from my Sephora store and falling in loveee with it but its $56 =0. But it feels really nice on my skin, smells awesome and doesn't break me out. Thats a biggie!!! Finding a moisturizer that gives you enough moisture without clogging your pores and causing break outs. I have had the misfortune of finding out the hard way of some products that just did not work for me because they caused serious break outs =(. 


My Top Brands are Tarte, Urban Decay, Make Up Forever and Nars. The only things i really Splurge on are Foundation and Lipstick. Everything else i find just not worth paying so much. Like Eyeshawdow, yes Urban Decay has beautiful colors, But i can find a Dupe easily, They are extremely pigmented so i justifies the price, but you can get a less pigmented eyeshawdow for $3 get a White Base cream pencil, and get the same outcome. Thats one example of something i won't splurge on unless i just have the money lying around. I just feel Foundation is so important, I good Full coverage one can eliminate the need for concealer and i don't use a primer unless i'm really going to have it on forever. A Good Quality lipstick can eliminate the need for Lip liners So i spend more on them. But Tarte is my Fav Brand, I rarely come across something that i don't like. 


LOL I have a zillion favorite brands so that's not very helpful!  But the one thing I do splurge on is eyeshadows!  For everything else (foundation, eyeliner, mascara, lips, even brushes) I have found drugstore brands that I like very much, but for eyeshadows I definitely go straight to high-end brands!  Stila, Lorac, Urban Decay are some of my favorites.  Too Faced also has gorgeous and well-designed palettes.  


A huge splurge that I'd LOVE to make, would be the SKII Line.  Specifically the Facial Treatment Essence :smileyhappy:  I love the product, but I just cant bring myself to  spend nearly $200... I could spring for the smaller 2.5oz, but it just feels like more of a deal getting the largest size.  Maybe in the future, but for now... a girl can dream.


xo, Mia


Probably my #1 favorite brand is Tarte. They have such good products, and I love that they are made with the best ingredients. Not full of parabens and junk. But, other than tarte I also love urban decay, stila, NARS, hourglass, dior, and chanel. I love to splurge on dior and chanel whenever I can afford it. :smileyhappy:


@kd006 - I know what you mean!  We had a training when we first received the line & it felt so luxurious on my skin!  I may be able to justify it for mothers day this year, rather than a new designer bag :smileywink: fingers crossed!!


My favorite brand is Urban Decay and has been for many years.  I love to splurge on all the different colored eyeliners and eye shadows from the brand.  I recently just bought both OZ Palettes and love them!!!


thats a tough decision I would have to say for brand either benefit cosmetics, or Urban Decay and for a splurge product a clarisonic MIA or Mia 2 (which I just bought this week).


My best splurges are dior skincare and both urban decay naked pallets. 

The eyeshadow colors are amazing, and I find that everything looks better with great skin!

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My favorites are kind of all over the place, I have different things from different brands and I love them all. Lately I've really been getting into NARS but as a whole Benefit has never ever disappointed me so if I had to pick just one brand I would go with Benefit.


Splurge: I want to get the Origins Mega Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum. Its $75 for a 1.7 oz bottle which is quite pricey but I tried a deluxe sample and absolutely loved it and saw a visible difference in my skin. I don't have a serum at the moment (I'm on skincare 10 pan lockdown) but once I complete that I need to get this serum!

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@miabt- I just looked up the SKII line because I hadn't ever heard anything about it.. I pretty much had a heart attack looking at the prices!! haha. Hopefully you can make the investment one day :smileyhappy:

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Benefit Cosmetics... My all time favorite high end makeup brand. Next to it is NARS. Anything from both lines would be great to try.


I love the Benefit Cosmetics Watts Up. They also have great concealers. As for NARS they have the best eyeshadow (but pricey) & their blushes are to die for.


I splurge on anything from Sephora. Makeup wise. I've had too many problems with drugstore that it came to the point where i was wasting money and couldnt return any drugstore products... 

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Ooh, that's a toughie! I feel like just about every brand has at least one or two stand out products. Urban Decay has fantastic eyeshadows and liners. Benefit has got an amazing array of boxed powders and liquid cheek tints. If you are looking for natural beauty, Tarte has a lot to offer (I love EmphasEYES waterproof clay liners and lip surgence lip tints). I think one of the things I love most about Sephora is that you have the opportunity to explore so many different products from so many different brands. 


In terms of splurging, I think I'm most likely to sink my money into skincare. I'm a huge fan of Boscia, as my crazy oily and acne prone skin seems to react well to their products. Even though they are significantly more expensive than drugstore brands, I think it's totally worth it. 

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I'm loyal to more than one brand!


Although when I want to splurge, I look directly at Chanel or Dior. Both of those brands scream luxury to me. If I ever win the giftcard from the survey, I'm going to splurge on Dior serum.


Favorite Brands, per product:

Skincare: Shiseido is like magic for my skin. I've tried a number of lines, but this just works for my skin.

Foundation: Bobbi Brown- light enough for my complexion

Concealers: Benefit, Make Up For Ever

Primers: NARS

Eyeshadows: Chanel, Laura Mercier (caviar sticks)

Eyeliners: Make Up For Ever, MAC

Blush/Highlighters: NARS

Lips: Chanel, Dior

Nails: Chanel, Dior


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Mine are NARS, MUFE, Urban Decay and Illamasqua...  I like Illamasqua and Urban Decay for when I'm feeling a bit wild because of the color ranges,  For everyday use, I use NARS and MUFE is if I really want to get into trouble, LOL!

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Look into Tarte. I've been pleased with all my purchases from this brand. If you like gel liner they have a fantastic one as well. 

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