Splurge vs. Save Favorites

I know we have a couple threads discussing splurging vs. saving for certain products or discussing our favorite drugstore products, but I though it would be a good idea to have a thread that more directly compares favorites. These products don't necessarily have to be dupes, just share favorites



Save- Revlon Colorstay

Splurge- Kat Von D Lock-it


Face Primer

Save- Hard Candy Sheer Energy

Splurge- Hourglass Mineral Veil



Save- Hard Candy Glamoflauge

Splurge- Tarte Amazonian Clay Stick Concealer



Save- Victoria's Secret (mine it discontinued, but VS makes great products to make you glow!)

Splurge- Too Faced Candlelight Powder


Setting Powder

Save- Rimmel Stay Matte

Splurge- Tarte Amazonian Clay Setting Powder


Finishing Powder

Save- don't have one

Splurge- Hourglass Ambient Light Powder


Eyebrow Corrector

Save- don't have one

Splurge- Tarte Amzonian Clay Brow Mousse


Eye Primer

Save- don't have one

Splurge- Too Faced Shadow Insurance


Powder Eyeshadow

Save- Wet'n'Wild

Splurge-  Urban Decay


Cream Eyeshadow

Save-  Maybelline Color Tattoos

Splurge- Tarte Amazonian Clay Cream Shadow


Pencil Liner

Save- don't have

Splurge- Urban Decay


Gel Liner

Save- Maybelline Gel Liner

Splurge- Tarte Amazonian Clay Gel Liner



Save-Wet'n'Wild Blush

Splurge- Kat Von D Everlast Blush



Save- Sephora Collection Bronzer in Las Cabos

Splurge- Too Faced Chocolate Soliel




Save- Revlon

Splurge- Too Faced La Creme



Save- Beauty Rush (VS)

Splurge- Buxom Big and Healthy Lipgloss


Re: Splurge vs. Save Favorites

This is such a fun thread!

Eye Primer:
Save: Milani Eye Primer
Splurge: UDPP
Save: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer
Splurge: MUFE Full Cover Concealer
Mineral Foundation:
Save: Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Mineral Loose Powder
Splurge: none
Pencil Eyeliner:
Save: Revlon ColorStay
Splurge: none
Gel/Cream Eyeliner:
Save: Maybelline Gel Eyeliner
Splurge: Tarte Clay Eyeliner
Save: Maybelline The Colossal
Splurge: Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes
Save: Wet 'n Wild Blush
Splurge: Tarte Clay Blush
Save: none
Splurge: Nars Albatross
Lip Products:
Save: Revlon
Splurge: eh, none

Re: Splurge vs. Save Favorites

Exact dupes I've found:



Save- Sephora brand Microsmooth Luminizer in Stardust

Splurge- NARS Albatross


Pressed Eye Shadow "pigments"

Save- L'oreal Infallibles

Splurge- Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill


Cream Eyeshadow

Save- Maybelline Color Tattoos

Splurge- Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows


Stick Eyeshadow

Save- Sephora brand Jumbo Liner 12 Hr Wear

Splurge- MUFE Aqua shadow


Pencil Liner

Save- Sephora brand Contour Eye Pencil 12 Hr Wear

Splurge- Urban Decay 24-7


Eyeliner Pen

Save- Physician's Formula Eye Booster Eyeliner

Splurge- LORAC Front Line Pro Liner


Bronzer (for countouring)

Save- NYX Taupe

Splurge- Dolce & Gabbana Tan


Great thread! I'm curious to see what all people have found Smiley Happy

Re: Splurge vs. Save Favorites

Sephora Collection really has been putting out some great products for great prices. I also like the jumbo liner, I might have to try the luminizer

Re: Splurge vs. Save Favorites


I don't really have alot of "saves", because I like to save-up for the splurges that know work for me. These products aren't related, just favorites compared.


Save- Revlon ColorStay for combo/oily skin
Splurge- NARS Tinted Moisturizer 


Save- Hard Candy Glamoflauge
Splurge- Clé de Peau Beauté (currently waiting to pull the trigger)

Powder Eyeshadow

Save- Maybelline Expertwear
Splurge- INGLOT

Pencil Liner

Save- Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal 
Splurge- Urban Decay 24/7


Save- Revlon
Splurge- YSL


Re: Splurge vs. Save Favorites

Just bought the Cle de Peau concealer last weekend after having it applied at Neiman Marcus! I'm still trying to figure out how she did it so well to hide my undereye circles, but even with my poor skills, it's the best concealer I have ever tried.

Re: Splurge vs. Save Favorites

Ugh! Stop "enabling" me to buy it! HAHA

I don't any stores near me to swatch it, that's why I'm hesitate :/

You think it would be a good concealer for raised imperfections like beauty marks or acne? That's mainly why I want it. hehe

Re: Splurge vs. Save Favorites

I'm not sure if I should answer, I don't want the rep of being an enabler! Smiley Happy

I had some hormonal acne on my face last week (I lovingly refer to them as "period pimples"). This covered them right up. I couldn't even remember where the zits were until I removed my makeup later. It never caked up or anything (I did set with powder).

It probably depends on how dark the beauty marks are for how the coverage is. I have freckles of varying pigment, and I tested some of them. Most were covered, but the darkest ones were visible.

I bought it for my dark circles, but I'm much more pleased with how it works for blemishes/discoloration.

Hopefully you can at least swatch to see if you've got a good match! There are only 4 (I think) shade choices, so I was surprised Ivory worked for me so well.

Re: Splurge vs. Save Favorites

Thanks for the 411. I like your terminology with "period pimples" Smiley Very Happy Good thing there is only 4 shades, I will continue with pulling the trigger SOON. 

Re: Splurge vs. Save Favorites


Save: Pop I Love Purple eyeshadow palette

Splurge: Marc Jacobs plush palette


Lip Gloss:

Save: Bath and Bodyworks color changing lip gloss

Splurge: Lancôme Color Fever gloss


Everything else I tend to splurge but I get it all on sale whenever possible!

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