Splatter nails
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Snapshot_20121005.JPGHi! So I just finished my splatter nails!!! What do u think? I painted them white, then stuck one end of a straw in the pink/purple nail polish and blew it on to the nails. I had to clean my hands with nail polish remover cuz it made my hands look like a rainbow! Smiley Tongue Hope you guys try this too! So fun and super simple!!!


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There's no photo! Smiley Sad

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Cute! they're shiny, I love it and will have to try this myself sometime! Smiley Happy Maybe some kind of splatter take on a Halloween theme of black and orange or silver and green... hmm

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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Here's a tip for protecting your fingers whenever playing with fun techniques like splatter or water marbleling, apply painters tape to the sides of your nail beds and around the edges to avoid getting polish onto skin, that way when you're finished with a nail look, just unpeel the tape (painter's tape comes off easy and clean) and no need to use nail polish remover!

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