Smashbox Studio Pop Ultimate Palette
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Sorry, not really a question, but a makeup geek out...

I recently got the Smashbox Studio Pop Ultimate Palette, and it has completely surprised me. I got it kind of on a whim, (at Shopper's Drug Mart, if you're from Canada), because I could get it free (it's priced at $70 CAD) and it looked kind of amazing with 45 eyeshadows, 6 blush/bronzer/highlighter, 9 eye liners and 6 lip glosses. It also comes with 4 double sided look cards (8 looks total) and a double sided eyshadow/eyeliner brush and a lip brush, and a large mirror.


I had gotten a Smashbox holiday eye palette a few years ago (the Wish one?) and it was a little bit of a let down, the shadows just weren't that great quality. So I was really unsure of how well this paette would perform. But I'm really amazed by this palette, the packaging has gotten significantly better, it's not super large and chunky for a palette that holds so much. Also it comes with plastic covers, (that flip up), that protect the products from getting all over eachother and the mirror. I can even see myself travelling with this palette since the packaging was done so well (even if I clearly don't need to travel with such a quantity of shades Smiley Happy).


The shadows are pigmented, soft and blendable, the range of shades is wonderful, with shimmery, matte and a couple glitter finishes, and the perfect amount of neutral and colorful shades. The blushes have matte and shimmery finihes and there is a matte bronzer, ranging from a soft natural cheek color, to a bolder more colorful shade. The eyeliners are wonderfully creamy and pigmented with a nice range of colors (even has gold and silver!). Finally there are 6 lipglosses with no shimmer or glitter. They are decently pigmented with a range of neutral to a bold red lip. I think going with a pigmented gloss was a good idea, since they will satisfy those that enjoy a bold lip color and those that are more shy of it.


I am realy amazed by this palette. They hit the perfect note, in the choices of shades and products, so it will appeal to and be flattering on EVERYBODY. And for a large "value" holiday palette the quality is really good. Also I usually hate when there are open glosses or lip colors in a palette with powders, because you inevitably ened up with glitter and powder in the gloss (ew!), but I haven't had this problem either.


The only flop in this palette was the eyeshadow brush side of the double sided eye brush, it feels cheap. But I have my own brushes anyway, and at least it's not a tiny sponge brush (a pet peeve of mine, since they are usually utterly useless).

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Although I see that the Sephora website doesn't carry it, they do have the eyeshadow palette, which if it is like this palette it is definitely worth checking out. And sometimes I find they carry items like this in store even though they aren't online.


Sorry for my geek-out... But if you managed to make it all the way through my rant, what do you think? Have you been taken by total surprise by a palette or product? Usually I find "holiday" palettes lose their quality since they are offering such quantity.

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