Sigma Brush Dupe!

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Hello! I'm looking into buying a set of brushes from Zoreya - they're supposedly a good Sigma dupe.


Has anyone heard of them? I've heard that Sigma is a hit or miss so I thought I'd ask you guys if there were any other things I could look out for. I hear good things about Bobbi Brown too!

Re: Sigma Brush Dupe!

I haven't bought anything from Zoreya, but everything I've bought from Sigma has been great. I heard about Sigma from someone recommending MAC dupes, so I guess Zoreya could be a dupe for the dupes. wait wat.


But yeah, I really like Sigma and I'll be getting the premium kit soon. Some brushes from all companies will be worse than others, that's all you really have to watch out for in my opinion. Everyone has their preferences.

Re: Sigma Brush Dupe!

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I just received my brush set from Zoreya! 

... Super strong smell coming off of them, I wonder if that's normal?


I think I might go for Sigma next time, the Zoreya ones are almost perfect dupes though... even the case is similar!


LOL Dupe for dupes... it never ends!


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