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I'm looking to try a new setting powder that will keep my t-zone matte without drying my flakey and dry patches. Basically, I'd like a nice soft-focus effect that will help blur my large pores. I currently use Hourglass Ethereal Glow as a setting powder, but I would rather use it as a finishing powder as it is intended. I've narrowed it down to Urban Decay Naked Skin Loose Finishing Powder, Nars Light Reflecting Loose Powder, Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder, or Tarte Smooth Operator Finishing Powder. Anyone have any experience with these powders? Am I just being crazy and they all perform basically the same? ;-) Open to suggestion as well! Thanks!

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I like Laura Mercier translucent setting powder. I use it every day and it never gives me that cakey powder look. And it STAYS. I also have a makeup artist friend who uses it. I've actually had it forever because I only need the tiniest bit and I never need to reapply even though I use liquid foundation and a lot of moisturizer (I hate feeling dry). Not sure about the pores though, for that I guess I would recommend exfoliating well and then rinsing with cold water, I don't know whether a powder can change that. I can at least tell you I've never noticed my pores with it... but I really only notice my pores if I put liquid foundation on too thick. Anyway, my vote is for Laura Mercier Smiley Happy

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Can you please give me your daily regimen? I have spent a near fortune with Sephora trying to perfect my primer, foundation, setting powder and finishing powder for my oily, medium with yellow undertones skin. Nothing is working.


Currently I use Becca Pore Perfecting Primer, UD cream to powder foundation (very shear layer) and add a slight layer of UD Surreal Skin Mineral Foundation, UD DeSlick Mattifying Powder and UD DeSlick spray. Within 2hrs I'm completely oily in t-zone. I've tried the UD Naked Foundation and didn't like it whatsoever. I use Clinique skin system for oily skin with my clarisonic for daily cleansing, I'm clueless on how to apply concealer and highlighter and more concerned on how to deal with my oily skin/foundation and having it matte throughout the day but not so matte that it looks dull. Can you offer any suggestions?


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Absolutely! My favorite question is my daily regimen, so it'll be detailed, hope you're okay with that! I've changed it up a few times, but this is what I've done for the last three weeks:



I wash my face with Boscia Purifying Cleansing gel. 

I then take my steamy hot washcloth and leave it over my face for about 30-60 seconds to open up my pores.

*Twice a week I use Kate Somerville ExfoliKate, rubbing in circular motions for 60 seconds, then letting it sit for another 60. 

*Once a week I use the Boscia Peel Off Black mask. Let it sit for 25 minutes, peel off and rinse my face with cool water.

After washing my face (and either exfoliating or using my mask if it happens to be one of those days) I take three drops of Boscia Tsubaki Oil, rub it between my fingertips to warm it up, and press all over, starting at my neck and chest, and working my way to my forehead. I make sure not to rub it in, so that it absorbs better. You don't want there to be shiny residue, you don't need much! 

Next, I take my Boscia Enlivening AG-Amino eye treatment, and using my ring fingers, tap gently under my eyes and on my orbital area.

Now I take my Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid and apply fairly generously over my face and neck. I usually press it on, like my oil, it seems to absorb better. 

Then I take my Murad Collagen Infusion and use sparingly in my problem areas, near my nose, around my mouth, my forehead and neck.

Next up is moisturizer. I'm using Fresh Umbrian Clay lotion right now, which I love for my combination skin. It seems to clear up any redness around my nose.

Now I usually wait about half an hour to give all my products time to absorb before starting on creating my base.

Now I'll use a foundation primer. I really like the clear one by Smashbox. A little bit goes a long way! 

For a natural finish, I apply my Hourglass Immaculate foundation in Shell with my fingertips, a little at a time to ensure it blends well. I'll take my #54 Sephora Pro Airbrush to blend as I work.

Then I apply my contour (different every time, but I really like the bronze shade in the UD Naked Flushed set) and my highlighter (Different every time as well, and I use a shimmery white Maybelline eyeshadow more often than not, goes well against my pale skin without being overbearing) and blush. For blush, I'm really loving Peach Poppy from Stila's Collage of Color trio. It's a cream, and it applies so smoothly. I use a little at a time and build up the coverage. I go more dramatic on all three of these since I'll be using the UD finishing powder, which is next.

Now I'll take a fluffy, loose kabuki brush and tap in my UD Naked Skin powder in light, swirl in the lid and tap off any excess, and lightly apply all around my face and neck. Then I'll buff it in lightly, using small circles, to blend all of my highlight/contour and to get that blurred airbrush finish.

Then I do my eyebrows, eyes and lips, and done!

It sounds super detailed and complicated, but it really doesn't take long at all once you get the routine down.


Sorry for the super long response, I tend to gush about makeup a little too much. Smiley Very Happy And my apologies for spelling errors, I'm typing this on my phone as my bf has taken over the computer. ^_^ 

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And at night:

I use Boscia Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil (that is amazing, just gave it a 10/10 on my beauty blog!) to wash off all the makeup on my face.

Then I either use GlamGlow SuperMud (Twice a week) for 20 minutes, and then wash off, or move straight to my Tsunami oil, just like my morning regimen.

I use the Boscia eye cream again, and then either Boscia Supercharge Overnight moisture or Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream, and I'm done!


For oil control, I really find facial oils to be the Holy Grail of products to combat it. Murad also makes an amazing mattifying moisturizer, but it accentuates my dry spots, so I only use it on my nose. But the Hourglass has yet to leave me oily even 8+ hours after using it, so it comes with the highest recommendation. Feel free to PM me too, if you want more detail or have more questions. I could talk all day about this stuff. Smiley Very Happy

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I recommend the NARS Light Reflecting Loose Powder. It leaves a matte finish, but not a flat matte that looks kind of blah if you kwim. You'll still have dimension to our face.

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Can the UD Naked Skin Ultra Definition powder be used as a SETTING powder, or more appropriate as a FINISHING powder? I notice that several comments below, it seems to be used as a finishing powder.


I would be curious to know if anyone has used both Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder and UD Naked Skin Ultra Definition as finishing powder, and if so, which performs better? I have the HG in Diffused Light to cover up some redness and give me a soft glow. I use a setting powder for setting my concealer and, if I wear foundation, my T-zone. I would be open to a different setting powder but it seems the UD is a finishing powder? True?

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I haven't gotten the loose powder yet to see how the cvg is. but to me a setting powder goes after liquid to set the makeup and has some sort of color and cvg. Then i apply my blush , bronzer etc and will lock it all in with a spray. After all is dried, i will apply mufe hd in my oily area to mattify further as a finisher 


Now that being said, I personally don't consider the HG powders to have enough cvg to use it to set. Ive tried it and its minimal, and has more of a glow, so i like to use it after i set my fdn with powder or after i apply blush and bronzer. either way is fine. Also if you are drier or prefer a glowier look, or even just have a fuller cvg liquid, you may prefer HG to set


those who use cream products will not powder til all the cream products are applied and will most likely use a translucent powder to set everything so it doesn't change the color of the cream products. I assume this can be considering a finishing powder as well tho in that sense

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Hmmm...I've never really thought about that, how one is a "setting" powder and one is a "finishing" powder. I've always looked at powder as a product that does both of those things. Now I'm curious as to what powders I was using the wrong way. :-/

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I believe it would be able to be used as either? I use it as a finishing powder if I'm contouring and highlighting, but the SA I spoke with told me some people use it to set their foundation, then they apply contour/highlights/blush, then use it as a finishing powder also, after they've completed everything else. Since it doesn't have the white look to it, I don't believe it'd be a problem to use it as both or either, you wouldn't need to worry about flashback. But since I use a cream blush, I prefer to do foundation, then blush/contour/highlight, then use it to finish with. If I'm going for a more plain face, or just using a powder blush, then I use it to set with. But I could be really, really wrong about the right way to be doing this. Just going by what the girl at Sephora told me about it. 

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i think tarte smooth operator and mufe hd are supposed to perform the same. I personally use the hd as a finishing powder though. I feel like its easy to overdo it and get a white cast. so after i spray my face with deslick i will use the HD when its dry in my oily areas only


now as for setting powders, the best one i found with minimal cvg is the ud naked skin.. I just ordered the loose and that is coming tomorrow. I use my HG dim as a finishing powder as well

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I haven't tried the other three, but I have a deluxe sample of the Tarte smooth operator and its really nothing special. I have the same skin concerns as you too. Tarte's sin't bad, but it doesn't blur my pores as much as I would like. I definitely want to try the UD because I've heard awesome things about it.

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I second the Urban Decay powder Smiley Happy Especially used with the Good Karma Optical blurring blush! Good luck

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Sorry for the super up close and personal picture, but I was so impressed with the Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition finishing powder that I took a few super close up shots just to show my friends how well it blurred my imperfections and pores. This isn't edited or anything, and I normally have large pores around my nose, but I think this stuff has become my new HG powder. 20140216_130522.jpg

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this is amazing! do you think the light would be okay for a super pale skin tone ?

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My skin is actually super, super light, but I was both in the shade and did a good bit of highlighting/contouring and blush to make me not look ghostly. But I use the Light with awesome results whether I do all of that or not. Thank you! 

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thank so much im going to pick this up this weekend i'm the opposite i strive to look ghostly lol

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Here's me with the powder and no contouring/blush. No idea why it's sideways, but I think you can get the idea. ^_^ I go for the ghost pretty often too, I just wanted a totally different look the other day. But this shows my skintone better, if that helps!

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WOW! BeautyTalk threads enables once again... *scurries off to get hands on that powder*

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I know, right? We need to call her BrennaTheEnabler! lol.

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Oh I'm just the worst. I think I've made half of my friends go broke. ^_^

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