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I skimmed through posts about this, but couldn't find anything recent, so I figured I'd ask.


I just hit VIB last weekend, and with it, received a coupon for a complimentary in-store makeover. My boyfriend and I decided not to go out for Valentine's Day last night, instead opting to go tonight so that he could take me shopping first. I was going to go ahead and do my makeup myself, but remembered the card that I got. 


I'm wondering if the experience has been good? What were the results like? Did you have any say in what they did? Is it full face including highlighting and contouring? Did you make an appointment or just walk in? Did you feel like they were rushing through it? 


Thank you!

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Hi there!  I've done in-store makeovers a couple times, and I stalked a thread on here a few months ago.  (Can't find it right now, though, or I'd link it for you.)  Here are some quick thoughts.




Sometimes you can walk in, and if you happen to be there it can't hurt to ask.  But at least with my brick and mortar store, the appointments fill up quickly.  Personally, I haven't had good experiences (i.e., good outcomes).  I've had *fun*, and my MUAs have been nice, but the results have not been good.  Last time I even brought some photos that showed the type of look I was going for, and what I ended up with bore no resemblance.  (Like, I wanted soft eyes with no visible liner, and I got very dramatic black liquid liner.  That kind of thing.)  They also tend to use foundation that is way too dark on me.  And once, my lips were so messed up that it was comical.


OTOH, I've seen some ladies post amazing outcomes here.  It just totally depends.  Some lucky people even find great artists and make standing appointments with their stores - I remember one woman posting that she gets hers done weekly for her date night.  


Bottom line, at least for your first makeover with a particular artist, I would not schedule anything afterward in case you want to go home and wash your face.  Smiley Happy  But it is fun, I would do it again, I've never felt pressure to buy or to buy more, it has been full face (too much!!), I've at least putatively had some say in what they did, and I haven't felt rushed.



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Thank you so much! That definitely helps. I know the girl I'd want to schedule with. She's the one who helped me pick out my Holy Grail foundation, my Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes kit, and gave me a Benefit They're Real mascara deluxe sample last weekend. She's always giving me the perfect sample, and I always end up going back to buy the full-sized product the next week. ^_^ She has the same face shape, skin tone and skin concerns as me, and wears glasses like me, and does her eyebrows like I do. I'd trust her to be able to do my foundation properly, and my eyebrows, at the very least. She's a goddess among artists. 

But I think for my first makeover, I'll do it on a day where I don't have anything planned, like you suggested. Then I can make sure that I get her, first of all, in case she's not working or the store is packed, and also I don't have to worry about awful pictures tonight, because I know I do a good job on my makeup anyways, and I'd rather be safe than sorry! 

You were super, super helpful. I wish I could give you a dozen hearts!

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Haha, glad I could help!  Good luck when you do schedule.  Let us know how it goes!

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