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Does sephora give samples? If yes, what kinds?  Because I have been looking at some products but I dont want to spen full price to find out if i like it or not. And any suggestions for samples to try out? Ill try most things! Smiley Happy

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is it possible to get samples of ole henriksen , philosophy, and chanel skincare?

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I've gotten samples of almost anything I's a fun thing to do when going into the store.

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It never occurred to me that I could ask for foundation and/or fragrance samples - I guess because they have testers in the stores, but it would be nice to get a little 1-2 day supply to test out the products at home (specially since I'm usually already wearing makeup + perfume when I get to the store!) Glad I found this thread, I won't feel shy to ask for samples then. Smiley Happy

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GREAT questions!


If you want to try a lipstick or a gloss sample, let your Sephora cast member know.  Yes, Sephora cast members can put glosses in sample jars and give you lipwands to take home and try.  Same goes for lipsticks.  Lipsticks can be santized and gently shaved, placed in a sample jar and paired with lipwands to take home.  Do you want a shadow sample, sure, Shadow samples can be swatched on a nicely folded tissue, placed in a sample bag with a shadow wand for you to take home to try.  Your Sephora cast members are very creative that way. You can also get peel or toner pads if they are available, just ask! 



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Sephora gives you samples when you go into the store.  If you are online, you get three free samples of either perfume, moisturiser, foundation, etc.  In any combonation. 


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Hi Beauty212,


Beautytester is correct! Cast members can make you samples upon request in store. Samples are a great way to try new products that you are interested in. You can also view our online samples by clicking here: We offer 3 free samples with any merchandise orderSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

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You can get sample jars of anything and everything that is a semi-liquid consistency (scrubs, masks, cleanser, moisturizer (lotion, gel, cream), serums, liquid/cream foundation, tinted moisturizer etc. You can also get samples of any fragrance not in solid or rollerball form. You cannot get samples of liquid such as toner, items such as peel or toner pads, or make up like lipstick/gloss or powders.


How do I know this? Because I've tried to get samples of everything short of make up brushes, I probably as not-loved in the Sephora store where I get samples from as I am loved on BT.


So, that leaves you a ton of skincare, fragrance, and face make up you can get samples of. Your asking for suggestion is too vague, but I suggest getting samples of things you are interested in buying instead of going through the hassle of buying then returning items.


p.s. Pro of getting samples instore: you can get samples of anything(-ish) while online is limited to like 15 choices. Con of getting samples instore: the sample jars are not air-tight so unlike online sealed sample packet, you can't squirrel them away for months and years at time. Not like I ever do that *cough* *cough*

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