im really wondering what brand is best MAC or SEPHORA i just started using sephora and its ok so far but MAC just seems really sophisticated and so profesional

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Yes, if you're just going by the actual Sephora Collection to MAC, then probably MAC (although I still prefer the Sephora Collection only because MAC face products have made me break out really bad, but their eyes and lip products are really really I guess I kind of mix them). But if you're going by Sephora the Whole Store to MAC. Then totally Sephora! Waaaay...more options and brands and I love their Beauty Insider points and I think their Customer Service is a 1000 times better than MAC customer Service.


hmmm... normally I would say hands down MAC but a lot of MACs products have been hit and miss with me. Some of their eyeshadows for example look impressive but then when you swatch them they're not so pigmented. I was actually very imrpessed with the pigmentation of some of Sephora's eyeshadows. Even without primer they really pop on my dark skin.

I like the Lip Attitude semi-sheer lipsticks better than the MAC Glaze/lustre finishes.

MAC has waaay more to choose from though in terms of colors, base products, finishes etc. So I will prob always have more MAC products to choose from than Sephora ones.

Incidentally, I know that MAC brushes are supposed to be holy grail brushes but I find  a lot of the Sephora ones (espeically the platinum collection) to be on par and sometimes better.


Just keep an open mind and you'll prob end up with the best of both!!

Hope that helps!


I don't understand why everyone thinks MAC is so professional and sophisticated than SEPHORA, because SEPHORA is made by LOUIE VUITTON and they seem more sophisticated than MAC.  Also why MAC breaks you out is because it is stage makeup, not made to wear everyday!


Could you clarify if you're referring to the Sephora Collection? Or are you referring to Sephora (the store which contains multiple brands)?


If you're basing this on the Sephora Collection vs. MAC, then I would have to recommend MAC over the Sephora Collection. MAC is far more pigmented and has a larger range of products. Also, MAC brushes are phenomenal, yes expensive, but very high quality and an investment in flawless makeup application plus, they will last you for years. Smiley Happy


If this is based on Sephora (the store and its multiple brands) vs. MAC, then Sephora (the store) would win over MAC. The multitude of brands alone gives you far more options. Many of which are better quality than MAC (for example: MakeUp Forever, Illamsqua, Urban Decay, etc...) Also, Sephora meets every other beauty need: Makeup, SkinCare, HairCare, Nails, Tools, and Fragrances. So, Sephora exceeds all expectations when compared to MAC.


depends on the product. for instance, i absolutely love the mac 217 and 239 brushes and haven't found any similar ones at sephora. however, i also love the sephora 45 and 56 and haven't found similar ones that i love at mac. i also love illamasqua, makeup forever, and buxom which are exclusive to sephora. in terms of mac eyeshadows, they aren't the best, but they are good quality and i love that they sell them in pans so you can stick them in a palette and rearrange as needed for travel for instance. sephora as a store has way more variety and things like bonuses and gifts which mac does not usually do. i go to both, but find that i go to and buy from sephora more often.


I would definitely pick Sephora. It has a lot of brands and way more options. Sephora has beauty tools , hair care, more perfumes than MAC. There are a lot of collections for MAC but the products are always the same Smiley Happy Hope This Helped <akalei>

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It all depends on what you're looking for. A lot of MAC products contain parabens or are heavily scented.

In my opinion:
Sephora Collection vs MAC? MAC

Primer? Sephora Collection
Eye cream? First Aid Beauty (brand Sephora carries)
Moisturizer? First Aid Beauty (brand Sephora carries)
Foundation? I'm pale - so it's hard to find a good one. Kat Von D is a Sephora exclusive and is my HG. Brands Sephora carries I also like: Urban Decay, NARS. MAC doesn't make my shade any more and the foundations contain a lot of stuff I don't like to use.
Powder? I like MAC's Skinfinish in Light but wish it was lighter. No one has my loyalty here yet.
Brows? Anastasia Beverly Hills (brand Sephora carries)

Eye primer? Urban Decay (brand Sephora carries)
Eye shadow? Sephora exclusive Kat Von D
Eye liner? Sephora exclusive Kat Von D
Mascara? Benefit BadGal Lash (owned by LVMH, Sephora's parent company)
Lip balm?  A small company on Etsy Smiley Happy
Lipsticks? MAC
Lip Pencils? Seem to all be pretty much the same.
Make up remover? Sephora Collection - unscented, removes everything, doesn't kill my skin
Brushes? I don't know enough about them to make a good comparison - I will say I didn't like the one MAC brush I bought that everyone seems to love and have liked the several Sephora Collection brushes I've picked up - and they're a much better price.
Customer service? Sephora, hands down. MAC, as someone else mentioned, does a lot of LE collections that sell out in minutes instead of introducing new/LE stuff that will last a small portion of a season. Return policy for Sephora is better, Sephora does sales ever for non-Pro customers, I've gotten far less attitude off of Sephora employees, Sephora offers free samples and perks. 

As for "sophisticated" and "professional" - I'm pretty sure the folks that buy Lancome, Marc Jacobs, Kate Somerville products, and other high-end brands through Sephora would say that you can get sophisticated products at Sephora. If you mean that when you look at a MAC-exclusive person's makeup kit and it looks "professional" - that's probably because it's all the same packaging. You can get the same look buying all-NARS (sleek black packaging, recognizable branding.) 

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i really prefer mac over sephora. I can wear macs products all day without worrying about my face coming off. However, the NARS sephora eyeshadows have found favor with me, they are excellent and long lasting which is what i look for when i purchase a makeup product. 


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I preferred Sephora.  I used to use Mac only until I tried Sephora and their foundations, face moisturizers, and eyeshadows/brands are waaaaay better than Mac. My face is dry and sensitive so finding make up that will work with my skin is hard. Since I've started using Sephora, my makeup and skin is perfect! I use Nars-Sheer glow and my face is flawless. It is hard to find a competitor that will beat Sephora products!

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I think it just depends on what you mean (like sephora brand, or the store, as in the wide range of brands). If you mean sephora brand, i agree with what the others have said, that MAC wins. But if you mean the store as a whole, it really just depends because of the wide variety of brands available at sephora. I would just check out both and see what you like. I hope this helped somehow!

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It really just depends on what type of makeup products you want because Sephora Brand has a lot of great products, but MAC also has some great products so it's really impossible to say hands down which one is the best.  If I had to make a choice I would probably choose MAC, but I would hate to be stuck with MAC only products because, like I said, some of Sephora's products are better than MAC's.  I don't think this really answered your question completely, but I hope it helps a little.

Smiley Happy

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I just started going all makeup crazy a little over a year ago when I needed good products for my besties wedding and MAC was the first place I went. I bought alot of products, but found out over the course of a few months that something they put in their formulation is horrible on ALOT of people's skin. Now I have $100 worth of beautiful blushes that I can't even use and were only used a few times. Unfortunately I depotted them so I can't return Smiley Sad After that Sephora has become my home away from home. I follow alot of MAC artists on Instagram just to see all the makeup looks and have come to think that alot of the products are just hype. They make so much stuff Limited Edition just to keep it exclusive and have everyone buy right away and frankly I think it pisses more people off than makes happy. Also, I agree with everyone else about if you are jsut talking strictly Sephora Collection because I don't see a HUGE difference in packaging, they're both all black? But if talking all brands, when I want to feel luxurious and sophisticated, I'm whipping out my YSL lippies all the way baby! Ugh now I want to go use it right now hehe.


If you're wanting something similar to MAC, check out Inglot as well. I have so many of their products and are very comparable if not better and much cheaper. Swear by their loose powder for setting my makeup, pores no more! Single eyeshadows are only $6. You can find alot of dupe lists if you google. The YSM foundation is like $16, amazing but I'm not fond of the packaging of their foundations. Plus no parabens so I don't have to worry about breakouts.


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Depends on the product. I think its pretty much impossible to compare entire brands

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