Rainbow Color Favorites.

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Ok I thought it would be really fun to do a thread about what is your favorite beauty products for each color of the rainbow. If you don't have a beauty product then fashion works as well ^_^.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, & Violet are the colors. 


Indigo for me is a more blue purple color. So if you skip Indigo don't worry ^_^


Here are mine (so hard to pick just one for each)

Red - Mac Charmed I'm Sure lipstick

Orange - Maybelline Orange Edge Lipstick

Yellow - Inglot 474 Eyeshadow

Green - Mac Jealously Awake Eyeshadow

Blue - Orly High on Hope nail polish

Indigo - Urban Decay Ransom eyeshadow (not pictured it was in a palette)

Violet - OCC liptar in Belladonna



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@kimmi1115- I love orange for summer it's just one of those colors that has summer all over it.

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ooh the possibilites & I am not sure I can pick more than 2 or three for some colors & i dont think that's allowed!!! But I'll list what I like anyways! Smiley Tongue


Red -

Nars Cruella matte lip pencil







- Kat Von D - Enjoy the silence From the saint palette (also a cover song done by one of my fave band(s) Lacuna Coil I think the original was done by the Depeche Mode though but I am not sure.)

enjoy the silence is the shade of gold second to beginning on the left side on the pic of this palette see directly below)



For Orange:

Mac Eyeshadow - Honey Lust



Green - Toughy because green is my fave color hmm...

- Clinique: Chubby Stick Eye: Whopping Willow

- MAC Eyeshadow: Sumptuous Olive

- Urban Decay Stash Eyliner





- Urban Decay: Eyeliner - Mainline

- Essie - Bobbing for baublesEssie Bobbing For Baubles.JPG(note: Pic not me or my nails! If only I could paint them that well I still need to work on getting it on the nails not the all over my fingers LOL)





OPI The Bond Girls Collection: Vesper


Re: Rainbow Color Favorites.

Great list. Nah you can list as much as you want for each color I just did one to contain myself....otherwise there would be like 5 lipsticks and 2 eyeshadows for red allow haha.



Yay for lacuna coil...I'll have to look up that song.

Re: Rainbow Color Favorites.


Red - Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in Coral

Orange - NARS Orgasm

Yellow - Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Pot O' Gold

Green - OPI Who The Shrek Are You?

Blue - Roya Robyn

Indigo - Revlon Not So Blueberry

Violet - Urban Decay Grifter- regardless of the glitter, this is my HG purple- if only they would make one without the glitter!!

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I love Korres Coral Mango Butter Lipstick! Lately I've been wearing it so much, since summer has arrived

Re: Rainbow Color Favorites.

Best smelling lipstick around, I swear! Love how hydrating it is too Smiley Happy

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I didn't really have anything that was a true Indigo, so I just picked two purple items lol.  I also just went with nail polish, hehehe.



Red: OPI Your Web or Mine?

Orange: China Glaze Bare If You Dare

Yellow: Sinful Colors Unicorn

Green: China Glaze Entourage

Blue: OPI Into The Night

Violets: Zoya Mimi and Ulta Material Girl

Re: Rainbow Color Favorites.

lol, why am I not surprised you are doing a nail polish series? =P


Hmm, that's a nice orange right there, maybe I should get a bottle of orange polish this summer...

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Orange would be awesome for summer!  My mom and I ordered an orange Avon shade from their Forbidden Fruits Collection.  I'm eager to see it in person!

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Great little collection there ^_^ 

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I'll do my best (but I have several for each and had a really hard time deciding between eyeshadow, blush and lip colors) Smiley Wink


Red: Burberry Lip Velvet in Military Red

Orange: Armani Rouge d'Armani Lipstick no. 401 (more orange than NARS Heat Wave!)

Yellow: Does foundation count? If so, NARS Siberia -- it has definite yellow base that neutralizes pink...if not, I don't have one for yellow Smiley Happy

Green: I don't wear much green, but I do own a Guerlain eyeshadow quad called les Verts...I'll go with that.

Blue: Burberry Eyeshadow, Midnight Blue

Indigo: I don't think I own anything indigo...but I'll think.

Violet: Burberry Eyeshadow, Midnight Plum. Or NARS Charade!


Smiley Happy

Re: Rainbow Color Favorites.

Hehe I tried to be a good girl and only do one each but I totally understand why you did more. With Violet I was just like but I also have this and this and this because purple is my favorite color product. 


I love your list though and had no clue there was a lipstick called Military Red I feel like I need that haha. (husband is in the airforce)

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I highly recommend it (Military Red) -- I love the finish of the Lip Velvets, too (but not as much as the Lip Covers, which are the smoothest lipsticks ever).


It was nearly impossible, but I did do just one for most, except for violet (and maybe orange, where I sneakily threw in a reference to NARS Heat Wave!) but I really could have gone on forever, especially for blush! This is a great topic! Smiley Happy

Re: Rainbow Color Favorites.

Red - Clinique Chubby Stick Intense - Mightiest Maraschino

Orange - MAC Betty Cream Soda blush (LOOOVE!!)

Yellow - Mary Lou-Manizer

Green - Bare Minerals Ready Eye Shadow duo in The Scenic Route

Blue - Eyeko Liquid Eyeliner in Navy

Purple - Dior quad in Night Butterfly (quite old)



Also no idea how this picture will  come out it seems small but won't increase in size.



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Yeah I had a odd type figuring out indigo as well but some of the list of colors I saw for the rainbow it was included haha. 


See I love how people are doing this thread now because I would have never thought about Mary Lou-Manizer for yellow. Also may I steal your Dior quad it's so pretty.

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I just now noticed this thread!  Why didn't it pop up sooner for me?!  I will have to go through my products and take a picture, but I shall return to this thread!

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It didn't for me, either!

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lol, the picture would be boring cuz it would just be 2 things + my UD deluxe shadow box:


Red - Tarte Lipstain in Fiery, Covergirl Flipstick in....something.

Orange - Maybelline Color tattoo in fiery&tangy (I think), Sephora eyeliner in Tangerine, Korres lip butter in Mango

Yellow - ok, more gold, UD Honey eyeshadow

Green - UD Graffiti eyeshadow, Tarte TrueBlood eyeshadow in Moss

Blue - UD Peace eyeshadow, or Clash shadow pencil

Indigo - UD Ransom eyeshadow

Violet - UD Fishnet eyeshadow, or Delinquent shadow pencil.

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I was going to say honey too for my yellow but didn't know if it was too gold Smiley Happy.  Oh how do you like fiery & tangy I've been thinking about getting that one since I've gotten into corals and thought that would be a nice base.     



Oh and yay some finally posted Smiley Happy

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I absolutely love love love the orange color, but the problem is it's difficult to spread/apply and when I tried using a white concealer brush instead of soft eyeshadow brush, it stained the concealer brush. Not sure if it's just cuz I got a bad one, but it's such a unique color I'm almost considering getting another one. I saw a tutorial online about how to revive dried up gel liner, so I might try that with this to see if I can make it more workable (tho I need to buy glycerin from somewhere...).


You can see a pic of me wearing it here (assuming the image loads properly): http://community.sephora.com/t5/Beauty-Confessions/What-are-you-wearing-today/m-p/430953#M6182

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