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I love finding new codes to use. I only shop online and love that Sephora even offers great freebies to its customers. I just found code: yourgift and all it said that it was a mystery gift. I typed it in and you get to pick from many different deluxe samples to my surprise. Where do you look for the newest codes to use? (Personally ebates is my hot spot)
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@amit123, use rikki's thread
it has all the latest Sephora codes. We cannot directly link to any other sites on BT but the suggestion made by beauty tester a year ago is still valid, google rocks!

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Oh I dimly remember that, which means it's from sometimes in the last 6 month.


I just google "___insert shop name here____ coupon" and usually the first one that came up is retailmenot. I signed up for the mailing list of all the brands (Clinique, Origin, Estee Lauder, and Sephora), then keep a beauty calendar of what promo they have which month. Since their big promotions (7 piece gift with $35 purchase or $25 worth of gift with $10 purchase) are similar year to year and occur on the same month, it's good. For Sephora, every time they have a promo code, I jot it down and every couple of month or so, I do a search online. So right now, there's like 10 active promos for Sephora and if I place a $10 purchase on, I get .5oz of DDF serum worth $25.


It's much easier when I have a separate email specifically for promos and coupons, but then it's a little embarassing when people ask for it cuz I made it in 8th grade, so it's like silver_swan_on_the_moon or something.


I also like to use and save money using promo codes. can you please share promo code and coupons ?

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It's in the VIB boards, unfortunately.

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