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Hi everyone! I have prom coming up pretty soon, and I'm not sure what to do with my makeup. I'm very fair, with the same hair color in the picture of Taylor Swift's updo (that's the hairstyle that I'm thinking of). I have blue/grey eyes. The accents on the dress are pewter so I'll be doing pewter shoes, plus pewter chandelier earrings with crystals that match the color of the dress. If you have ideas for what to do with my makeup, that would be great. I'm leaning towards going tanner/bronzer, but what do you all think?

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Try a deep smoky eye with a pale pink (almost clear) lip gloss.


Show us pictures of your finished look- I'd love to see how it turned out.

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Try a smoky eye with greyish blues and greys. Curl your lashes and use mascara. Use eye liner and smudge it. Try a medium pink for lips and a light pink for  blush. Your hairdo and dress are pretty. Smiley Very Happy


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well id go with something natural if u want to keep everyones eyes on your amasing dress. id stay simple with foundation, blush, mascara, eyeliner, and to go with the greenish dress, use a red lipstick or lip stain, and a clear or sparkly lip gloss on top=) but i would recommend going light with the amaound of makeup, cuz if your dancing you dont want it to smudge!

i wouldnt recomend copying a stars hairstyle, because then everyone will know where you got it, and youll seem less origional.

 prom hair1.jpg

 i like this hair, and i bet no one would do anything like this, making you stand out=)

prom hair2.jpg

makeup like this would prolly look pretty with the dress...

prom hair3.jpg

this hair is cute too

anyway i hope this helps =) 

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