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Hey you guyyyyyssssss!!!!!!! Smiley Very Happy


Has everyone here heard of "Project 10 Pan?"

If not, I'll attempt to describe it:

Project 10 Pan is for people who have wayyyyy too much makeup and keep buying more. Maybe they don't have room, maybe they can't afford it, maybe they just want to challenge themselves to actually finish some of their makeup.

They pick 10 items from their makeup collection. They can be any 10 items, but they should not be already mostly used up with barely any product left. (Of course, it's okay if they are used a little, but you should not of hit pan yet.)

The goal is to finish, or completely "hit pan," with all 10 of these products before you buy any more makeup.

(For more info, go to YouTube and search Project 10 Pan.)


My idea was, we shorten it to Project 5 Pan so it goes faster, and get a whole little group to do it together and update on their mission. It's like the online communities where people have work out buddies who motivate each other and update on their fitness journey.


Whaddaya say? Anybody want to at least attempt it with me? It'll be a new thread to enjoy Smiley Happy

If you do, say so below and post the names of the five items you are going to be hitting pan on! If you want, you can also note if a product is new or how used up it is. (And if you want to go the full mile and attempt Project 10 Pan, there's no problem lol. Or if you want to do Project 3 Pan, or 7 Pan, or even 1 Pan. The point is to have fun and push yourself a little in the process xD.) You can also post a photo of your chosen items if you wish.


My five items are:

1. ELF "Complexion Perfection" Tone Correcting Powder.

2. One of my Lip Medex xD (About half gone)

3. ELF Brightening Eye Color Quad in Ivy

4. CG TruBlend 2 Liquid Foundation (a little more than half gone)

5. Highlighter in ELF Palette (Barely used, but extremely powdery)


Good luck! Pictures of my items in order below.




Note: On picture of ELF Palette, highlighter is in the middle section with bronzers, and it is the one on the top left hand corner of that section, by the blushes.
















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1. buxom big and healthy lipstick, las vegas

2. rimmel london scandal eyes flex mascara, extreme black

3. benefit dallas bronzer

4. benefit creaseless cream shadow, rsvp

5. rimmel london stay matte powder, transparent


DONE!!!! Smiley Very HappySmiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy

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