Professional makeup artist.

I'm wanting to become a professional makeup artist. What kind of products should I be looking for? (Brands and etc.)

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I think that MAC would be a good brand to start looking in to because they have the MAC Pro program where when you become a professional makeup artist, you get discounts on makeup. Also, MAC has a great selection of makeup and their brushes are some of the best quality that I've used. 

Hope this helps!


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Although I've read that it isn't required in all places, you may want to consider getting your cosmetology license first.  Going through the schooling hours and getting the license may look more appealing to possible employers.  Through the classes, you'd learn many techniques.  I'd research online to see what school are available in your area and if a license is required.

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I think it would be really cool to be a pro make up artist. I write a blog  and am hoping to be discovered as well. lol. Pay attention to all aspects of make up (including skincare, perfumes, eyemakeup, etc). MAC and NARS are very popular make-up brands you should look at. Hope this helps! Smiley Happy




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All I have to say is if you want to become a professional makeup artist you need to have the right tools. I think you should buy all MAC brushes, and i know they are on the expensive side but these brushes are the best of the best. 

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There are plenty of youTube vids on this topic. But in terms of products, you'll want to start off with things that you can afford so that you can have a collection of colors/shades that will give you more freedom. You don't want to end up not having everything because it all started to become too expensive.

Check out brands that you can buy colors in bulk and which have programs that are make up artist friendly like:

The MAC Pro programme



Cheaper brands that are great quality:


Ben Nye


Kett foundations



La Femme Blushes

Make Up Designory (MUD) makeup

the AOFM Pro brush set (great price, great tools)

Royal and Langnickel brushes


Good luck!


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You should look for well 1. Professional makeup brushes 2. Foundations of all colors 3. Any concealers or BB creams to cover up your clients' imperfections.


Besides products you will need professional training! 


Hope I helped!


(For training you can always consider online schooling)

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