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When I got into makeup about a year ago I felt like Sephora was like Toys R Us for people who loveee makeup. You can sample products in the stores and theres always soooo many options for what you're looking for. However now that Im starting to get my staple makeup products down I find that there are some things I will or already have repurchased because they work sooo well for me. My repurchased items are...

-Naked Basics Palette: I lovee the neutral looks I can make with this palette while also having the option to make it a bit bolder if I wanted to.

-Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer: I love the consistency of these products creamy and go on soo smooth.

-Smashbox Lipstick in Primrose: its my lips but better lipstick and sooo moisturizing 

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Thanks for the response!!! I'll try that out...

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Looking back at my purchase history I really love the sephora collection moisturizers. I have repurchased them several times but makeup wise I havent actually repurchased anything yet probably cause it takes me so long to finish up anything. Plus I'm always intrigued by new things that I don't go back to the same products.

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I've repurchased Beautyblender sponges several times but that's all I can think of.  Makeup-wise I always end up trying something new.  I think the exception to this will be NARS "Sex Appeal".  I've hit pan and have several other blushes to use but I'm pretty sure I'm going to repurchase that one!

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nice way of putting it -- "toys r us for people who loveee makeup"

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Considering how much research and time I put into my beauty products, its pretty little how much I actually end up repurchasing.


Here goes:

Sephora Daily Brush cleanser -- this is always a winner and a total necessity, in my opinion

Dior Gentle Toning lotion

Anastasia Brow Wiz

Nars Lipgloss


Also, I never repurchased this yet, but I am POSITIVE that I will repurchase my MUFE HD microfinish powder. It is a daily step in my makeup routine.


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I have the daily brush cleanser and I love it smells nice and dries quickly which is nice =)

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Here are some products that I repurchased from Sephora---


1. lancome dual finish powder foundation

2. l'occitane ultra rich face cream

3. benefit some kinda gorgeous foundation

4. bite beauty lipsticks

5. nars lipsticks

6. dior addict lipsticks

7. UD ammo palette and UD single shadows

8. thebalm maryloumanizer

9. benefit creaseless cream shadows

10. benefit dallas bronzer

11. benefit coralista blush

12. benefit erase paste concealer

13. Givenchy lipstick in in 05 candy shine

14. Givenchy phenomen eyes mascara

15. a discontinued benefit online only kit---forget the exact name

16. lancome color design lipstick


There might be more....but this is what I can think of at the top of my head Smiley Very Happy

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Ive heard about the you own any other products other than the maryloumanizer? 

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daniela1387-----Oh yeah I have a TON of TheBalm stuff! I some single shadows, eye palettes, face palettes, blushes, bronzers, lipgloss and name it! Sephora no longer carries the brand, and when they pulled out the line I saw that TJmaxx starting carrying the line, so I got a TON of TheBalm stuff for a nice price and I ended up loving pretty much every single purchase. I especially love their sexy mama setting powder, the hot mama blush, the shadows, and the concealer in the pot. LOVE the brand.

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i am totally going to my local tjmaxx and stocking up tomorrow! Will update on the wonderfulness I come home with =)

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Oh and the $60 bare minerals kit---I purchased soooo many of those, as well as the single loose powder foundations

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I only repurchase items that are my HG or in my daily routine. And honestly, the only product that I have really repurchased so many times that now it's hard to keep track is my MAC studio fix powder foundation. Dry skin, oily skin, weather changes, that product works wonders on my skin. I love it!

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I've never actually purchased the same item twice, until I tried mufe pro finish powder. It's become a staple in my make up bag. Now skincare on the other hand, I've got my go to's & don't plan on switching them up as long as they continue to do the job Smiley Happy

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I repurchased BareMinerals foundation forever, but I'm finally switching it up! Smiley Happy

One thing I DO consistently repurchase is the lashSTASH because it saves SO much money and you get to sample so many different items Smiley Happy 

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I've been thinking about buying the lashSTASH for a longgg time now but wasnt sure about it...I will use your post as the excuse I needed to stop beating around the bush and actually get it =)

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Yayyy! Smiley Very Happy you won't regret it! It rocks! Smiley Happy 

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