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Some of the threads discussed recently involved product disappointments and let downs. I think these are sometimes more enlightening than the positive ones. Often I’m excited to purchase something because of the buzz surrounding it, and I’ve been very let down. Maybe it’s me…but sometimes it’s hard to tell if the reviews are true or influenced by freebies and sponsorships.


The worst let down I had was the Benefit They’re Real Mascara. This stuff never worked for me no matter what I tried. I almost felt an obligation to love it because of the reviews. It gave me clumped spider lashes like a Tammy Faye wanna-be. Not pretty at all! Not only that, but even with one coat it made my lashes fall straight. I know I may be in the minority here, but it was such a disappointment.


Which products do you think are all hype?

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I have two new products to add to the thread.

The Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick and Boscia


Let me first say that I love both of these brands and have staples from both I can't live without.

Stila makes an amazing liquid liner pen and Boscia's Make up Breakup Oil is the best remover I've ever tried.


I probably wouldn't have tried the Stila liquid lipstick if I hadn't heard the rave reviews on it, especially the color Fiery. On application it is pretty thick. You have to be pretty precise due to the opacity of the formula as well. Once on it has a slight off putting scent to it and I instantly felt like I had scotch tape over my lips. I know that sounds weird, but it had that much like the long wearing liquid lip colors due. It completely sucked the moisture from my lips as well and looked cracked while it was on. That's not cute!


I was excited to try the Boscia BB Cream as they do make some fantastic skincare items I love. First issue was color. I have a light skintone with neutral undertones, but this was a little dark for me. There is only one shade so it make work for the vast majority, It did apply nicely. It had a slightly whipped texture, but I quickly noticed that it had small flecks of glitter in it. Not shimmer, but actual micro glitter. I really was struggling with that. It was very noticable and glitter doesn't speak "fresh face" to me. It did wear extremely well, but I can't get over the color and glitter factor. I wish they would fix these issues, then the product would be amazing.



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Bare Minerals foundation/primers....


The primers come in tiny bottles and cost the same as getting a larger bottle in another brand, and I've seen BM foundation work better with other primers like Too Faced Primed and Poreless.


The foundation....I've worked cosmetics retail at a location that sold BM, and I was never a fan. I also work freelance make up and hair and I've seen what that stuff looks like on a full frame, full sensor camera with studio flash and the works....when a photo is blown to scale and in full resolution/HD style, the make up/shine looks like tiny reflective fish scales on the skin, ick. Customers would come in and complain that their skin would itch and burn in the hot Houston heat with it on, when we asked a BM head rep what that was all about she said the tingle sensation is referred to as a "stingle"...a cross between a "sting" and "tingle" and it's the make up migrating/repositioning itself on the face so it's not running or streaking like a liquid make up. I was horrified, I kept picturing the stock footage in movies where boulders and rocks tumble down a cliffside when she said it "migrates". Sorry, but I don't want my foundation "migrating" anywhere! I tried the regular formulation on my skin one day to see what the hype was and espcially since I was so hard on the brand/product without trying it first (prior to the Matte formula being released) and it looked HORRIBLE! My pores at my cheeks/nose where maginifed and I never have an issues with my pores when make up is a concern. I even had primer on and it was no good!


Some of their lipsticks/glosses are pretty, some of their eye shadows are pretty (just the loose powders get to be so messy) but there are tons of brands with similar colors and no mess. I was surprised by their pressed shadows, some of the quads I swatched seemed to have some good color pay off.





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Where to start!

The biggest dissapointment would have to be Philosophy. Never could get it to work right, no matter what the reviews say. While I like the scent combinations I can NEVER use these on my hair. As a body wash, they are okay, but I still need my Lancome Body cream after.

Dior NEW LOOK mascara is also a big flop.

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