Products Regret Buying

Products Regret Buying

I have seen this post before so I thought it would be fun to do another one. Because what someone may love you may hate.
Here is my list:
-MUFE Mat Velvet Plus, I bought this because I get oily in summer but I feel like it makes a greaseball
-Benefit Boing- Just didn't get the hype
-NARS Deep Throat- Expensive for the size, and color looks pretty in pan but have to apply a lot because it is sheer
-Ole Henriksen Truth Serum- Made me break out more

Re: Products Regret Buying

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I'm trying the PTR mask for the first time and I think it's kind of worked some miracles on my cysts and flattened bumps and made pores appear smaller/disappear, but it might be other things I'm using and hormone levels kicking in too.

What's your take on it? I'm definitely considering it, but I should contain my splurging a bit.

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