Are they essential or can they be overlooked? I am on the fence about them and would like to hear other opinions...

foundation /eye whichever just curious to know if they really DO make a difference in your makeup routine.

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YES YES YES! Foundation primer is a MUST!

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Eye primers are essential if you have  oily lids or live in a humid climate and you want your eye look to last throughout the day/night. I've tried cheap ones and you should stay away from those, Urban Decay, NARS, Stila, Too Faced, Smashbox. it's worth it to spend the money on a quality eye product.


Face primers are the only thing I'm on the fence about. I have oily skin and yes I think some primers definitely help out in that way. However, I moisturize my face before anything goes on it which may alter the performance of the primer somewhat. The ones from Smashbox are pretty nice though a bit too expensive.


Honestly, I think if you have dry skin you may want to skip primer and just use a good moisturizer instead.


if you have oily skin and you want your foundation to stay on primer certainly helps.


Also, color-correcting primers are worth using especially the lavender for sallow skin and the green for red/irritated skin.


I hope that helps!

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I don't think primers are absolutely necessary but they sure do help a lot.

I've actually never bought a full-size eye primer on it's own, I always seem to get samples or they are included in other sets. But now that I use them, I really can't see going back, eye primers help my eye makeup last much longer,  preventing creasing and fading. They also help enhance the color of an eyeshadow.


I have oily skin, so a face primer is a must for me. It helps keep oil at bay, and prevents fading of my foundation in my t-zone. Also using a primer creates a much smoother surface for your face makeup, so it is easier to blend and I end up using less foundation. Personally I use L'oreal Studio Secrets primer, it works alright. The only primer I would say was a really good was Hourglass' primer, although it is quite expensive. As a college student it is hard for me to justify spending more on the primer then I do on the foundation (I use Lancome or Kat Von D). But the L'oreal primer is pretty decent and I found it comparable to Smashbox's primer.


You don't absolutely have to use a primer, but it sure helps a lot. Personally I can't see myself going back to not using them.


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Yes yes yes, huge difference. Especially eye primer, that is an obvious, immediate difference. Your shaddow will last a long time, won't crease, and the color will be more vibrant. In my opinion most of the eye primers will make a big difference, but my favorite is Urban Decay Primer Potion. I've gone swimming with a full face of make up, and my eyes looked the same after hours in the water.

  Foundation primer makes a difference, but it's less obvious. Your foundation shoud ideally match your skin tone, so it's less noticable when it's faded. Most foundation primers make my make up look better for longer. A good tip is to make sure your foundation and primer have the same base (water on water, silicone on silicone) If you use a silicone based primer and a water based foundation, it won't work as well. You know, oil and water don't mix. Same idea there. Use a primer, use a good foundation, and set with powder and it should last all day. I've gone 8+ hours with no touch up and it still looked great. I add a setting spray on anything more than every day make up(going to school or running errands).

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I bought my very first eye primer a couple of weeks ago and have been using it everyday since. I have Too Faced Shadow Insurance and I *absolutely* see a HUGE difference with this under my shadows. Most shadows dont really crease on me but they do fade away after a few hours. With primer, my eye makeup at the end of the day looks like I just put it on, its really something. I was on the fence about eye primers for years...I didnt want that extra layer on my lid and its 20 bucks for something that goes on CLEAR. But I'm so happy that I tried it, and its worth every penny. Plus you need so very little that the tube should last for months! Do what I did....get samples of at least 3 primers (I tried Too Faced, Tarte, and UD). When you are first testing them, use a primer on just ONE eye, and leave the other eye without it. And at the end of the day, check if there's a visible difference in how your shadow looks (creasing, fading..). If you dont see a big difference in how your makeup looks after trying different primers, then you dont need one. Face primers I havent tried and dont plan to. My face makeup stays put all day without it. With primer, my shadows are SO much more vibrant, I get the color in the pan with very little product, so I use less shadow. I dont reapply my makeup throughout the day but I do see other women touching up their makeup several times a day. Primer can even make the cheapest drugstore makeup work better.

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I would defintely recommend using a primer, maybe try Smashbox's photo ready finish. It's tinted green to reduce redness ( I use it because of acne scars) and it makes your foundation last so much longer.I never used to wear primer and my makeup would look cakey and blotchy,but primer definetly made a massive improvement.If you want to buy a inexpensive one to test out before buying a good brand from sephora you can try a drugstore brand,I have seen them as low as $4.Also I don't remember where(probably on here), but recently I read that it is a good idea to mix a little bit of primer in with your foundation right before applying it instead of putting them on before because it makes it last much longer and looks more even.I tried it it and it definetly makes a difference. Hope this helps you ^-^

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There was a time when I thought that primers were a waste of money and would be yet one more product I would have to use on my face.  However, I was turned on to eyeshadow primers when I purchaed my Naked pallete last year.  The palette included a small bottle of the Primer Potion, and there is no way I would wear eyeshadow without using one. 


I also have oily skin and one source of frustration for me was having my foundation oxidize on me 30 minutes after application.  However, my foundation primer has fixed that problem.  Plus, my foundation goes on smoother and I only need very little just to even out my skin.  I use the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, and it's been a real godsend especially in the summer months.



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As someone with very oily skin (including eyelids) there is just no way that I can wear make up WITHOUT a primer. It would have slid off my face and creased within an hour.

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I also have veryy oily skin! What primer do you use for your face? Smiley Happy

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Hi, Katie! With the info that I posted below, for oily skin, try to look for either silicone/dimethicone based primers or a water based on.


Some top contenders are Benefit's Porefessional and Givenchy's Mister Mat for a mattifying and oil control primer that has a silicone/dimethicone formulation while for water based primers, try Lorac's Aqua Prime or Stila's One Step (which also has color correcting properties as well).

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I have the Lorac and samples of Porefessional and Mister Mat. I got to say that the Lorac makes my skin smooth but doesnt help with the oil. Between Mister Mat and Porefessional though, I prefer Porefessional. 

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I don't use eye primer but I have to have foundation primer, it's essential to me because it just makes such a huge difference in the application and the wear of foundation. Hope this helps!

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Primers are essential to me. Whether it be eye primers or face primers. They just make the look even better. Eye primers, makes my eyeshadows last longer and crease free. Its also makes applying them easier on a smooth surface. I like Too Faced Shadow Insurance or UD Primer Potion. 

Face primers is a must for me. Having oily skin, it helps by giving me a smooth surface to work with as well as keeping the makeup longer on the face. Primers such as Benefit's Porefessional helps me stay oil free than without primer. Really makes a difference on your face to me. 

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Primers are very beneficial and are key steps in application especially due to the numerous factors that can tie into the wear of your make up.


Internal factors like oil, dry patches, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and areas of discoloration can all prevent your make up from lasting as long as you want or from wearing the way you want. Without primer, make up can settle and cake into problem areas and emphasize what we want to hide and diminish.


External factors like sweat, light rain, extreme cold, humidity, and heat can also weigh in regardless of skin's condition and break down the formulas your wear quicker, making your make up "melt" or fade throughout the day.


Primers form a layer or barrier over skin to in a sense, lock out the bad and keep down the good. A primer can seal in the benefits of skin care products like mattifyers, serums, and moisturizers while preventing oil from seeping through to the surface of the skin, dry patches from showing and having skin look flakey, and prevent humidity from turning your make up into a sticky and tacky mess.


Primers are broken down to various categories.


Silicone/dimethicone primers feel silky and slippery to the touch and are very beneficial for issues like enlarged pores, lines, wrinkles, and also helping to mattify. S/D primers are also the most versatile as they are suited for various skin types.


Water based primers feel like gels or fluids, great for oily skin and those who don't want to "feel" like they have too much on their face. Water based formulas are very simple and great for sensitive skin as well.


Cream based primers are great for those who have drier or more mature skin who wish to have additional hydrating benefits. They feel like light weight lotions.


There are also color correcting/neutralizing primers that can be formulated in in either S/D, water, or cream based formulas. These have tints to soothing ingredients to calm skin from redness, inflammation, sallow/yellow skin tones, and help illuminize the skin from discoloration and dark spots.


Eye shadow primers are different as they are made specially for the lids (some are specified for use under the eye as well). They help lock down shadow and liner and prevent issues like oil and discoloration from disrupting the wear of eye make up. It helps fight against the fading, creasing, and poor pigmentation of product.


They also assist in allowing for better blending, smoother consistency in wear, and helping colors come out more true to shade by grabbing hold of pigment better.


Eye shadow primers are also found in various forms.


Colorless primers are the most common, they can be mixed with powder/loose shadows to create cream shadows or liners for multi-use functions.


Tinted primers can have a colored base and be worn alone like a cream shadow if you don't want to apply powder.


Color correcting/neutralizing primers generally have matte finishes and are in nude tints to block out redness or purple tones on the lid or under eye area, these are ones that can generally be used under the eye to combat dark circles during the make up application process as well.


Though one can live without a primer, primers have such beneficial uses and properties, so why not use one? They can help you get the most bang for your buck when you invest in higher quality and top dollar products and allow you to use less make up because it's making the most of pigment pay off and amount applied.

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I have found that primers are an absolute must for my make up routine. You can tell the difference with both foundation primers and eye primers. 

Here is a little bullet point list for foundation:

Use less foundation

better coverage

makes foundation last longer

evens skin

evens skin tone if you use a tinted one

you can get ones that reduce oil production and ones with acne reducing properties

As far as eye primers go they make it a ton easier to apply eye shadows, longer wear, less creasing, and make the colors more vibrant. 

I never put on make up with out priming first. You need a blank preped canvas.


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