Popular Make-Up Brand Word Association

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Okay, since this is a Sephora board, I'm sticking with the popular brands of make-up that are sold at Sephora.


What words, terms, concepts do you associate with the following brands? It doesn't matter if your associations are logical, rational or completely batsh!t crazy - what do YOU think of when you think of the following brands? 


I'll do mine in a separate post to keep things clean for copy/paste purposes.


  • Anastasia Beverly Hills - 
  • Bare Minerals - 
  • BECCA - 
  • Benefit - 
  • BITE - 
  • Bobbi Brown - 
  • Buxom - 
  • Clinique - 
  • Cover FX - 
  • Dior - 
  • Dolce & Gabbana -
  • Estee Lauder - 
  • Giorgio Armani -
  • Givenchy - 
  • Guerlain - 
  • Hourglass - 
  • Josie Maran -
  • Kat Von D - 
  • Lancome - 
  • Laura Mercier - 
  • Marc Jacobs - 
  • NARS - 
  • Sephora (Collection, Pantone, etc.) -
  • Smashbox - 
  • Stila - 
  • Tarte - 
  • Too Faced - 
  • Urban Decay - 
  • Viseart
  • YSL - 

I think I got almost all of the common ones talked about on this board... but if you don't have any thoughts on any of them, feel free to leave them blank or ? or whatever... it's just for fun to see how people view things differently! 


Also it's Friday and this is definitely a fun time-killer and a version of a Friday Questions!

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Re: Popular Make-Up Brand Word Association

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills - Contour kit. Simply, amazinggg!!!
  • Bare Minerals - Extremely drying.
  • BECCA - Hands down best highlighting products,ever!
  • Benefit - Despise. I don't like the smell or consistency in their line.
  • BITE - Love,love,love! swirling  in love!
  • Bobbi Brown - Could,they be more of a genius?
  • Buxom - Pout it!
  • Clinique - Meh. I can live without it.
  • Cover FX - Haven't tried it,yet.
  • Dior - You are B-E-A-UTIFUL!
  • Estee Lauder - Amazing foundation.
  • Givenchy - Haven't tried it,yet. But,now,I am intrigued!
  • Guerlain - I'm a fancy pants. Smiley Very Happy
  • Hourglass - I wish,I had an hourglass. No,J/k. They make gorgeous highlighters.
  • Kat Von D - MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE LINE!!! Smiley HappySmiley HappySmiley Happy
  • Lancome - I'm still trying out their products.
  • Laura Mercier - Awful. It is not meant for girls like me,who are obsessed with looking like the sun smacked,me, with an orb of glowing dust.
  • MAKE UP FOR EVER - I hear good things. I am trying their mascara out.
  • Marc Jacobs - Haven't tried it.
  • NARS - Simply,wonderful!
  • Smashbox - Hmm...could be something special!
  • Stila - Nah. Haven't gotten around to this one,yet.
  • Tarte - I'm still browsing and finding the right colors for me to try.
  • Too Faced - I love this brand! I use their eye shadow almost every other day and their mascara.
  • Urban Decay - Hands down,hottest eye shadow colors.
  • YSL - Glowy foundation.

Re: Popular Make-Up Brand Word Association

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Brows

Bare Minerals - Kabuki

BECCA - Beach

Benefit - Cute

BITE - Wine

Bobbi Brown - Whitney

Buxom - Trixie

Clinique - College

Cover FX - ?

Dior - J'adore

Estee Lauder - Wrinkles

Givenchy - Rose

Guerlain - Magic Balls

Hourglass - Ambient Light

Kat Von D - Tattoos

Lancome - Mascara

Laura Mercier - Flawless

MAKE UP FOR EVER - Waterproof

Marc Jacobs - Phone 


Smashbox - Lash

Stila - Eeeeek!

Tarte - Boring

Too Faced - Chocolate 

Urban Decay - Liner

YSL - Stain

Re: Popular Make-Up Brand Word Association

Topped for some Monday morning time wasting! 


It's been so fun reading everyone's associations! Smiley Very Happy

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Anastasia Beverly Hills - eyebrows
Bare Minerals - low-key; face powder
BECCA - blush, I think?

Benefit - kitsch
BITE - pretty lips
Bobbi Brown - Seventeen 
Buxom - sticky lipgloss; cleavage
Clinique - acne solution
Cover FX - who?
Dior - fancy pants
Estee Lauder - perfume, GWP
Givenchy - sexy fancy-schmancy
Guerlain - gorgeous
Hourglass - primer
Kat Von D - colorful, tattoos
Lancome - understated
Laura Mercier - BB cream
MAKE UP FOR EVER - is it long-lasting? I don't understand the name I guess
Marc Jacobs - sleek
NARS - reliable, likeable
Smashbox - eyeshadow
Stila - teenage dream
Tarte - sweettartes
Too Faced - chocolate
Urban Decay - loud, eye-catching
YSL - models

Re: Popular Make-Up Brand Word Association

This is so fun, etscore1!


Anastasia Beverly Hills - Brows, my "peeps" (she's Romanian like me Smiley Happy)
Bare Minerals - my high school makeup, beautiful loose shadows (still the best IMO)
BECCA - liquid-y, oily, separated Beach Tints
Benefit - ugh on everything, but their brow products and services are amazing
BITE - fig, that beautiful model wearing the blood orange shade (biting the lemon/orange peel)
Bobbi Brown - fun reads, 10 years ago i thought it was Whiney's husband LOL
Buxom - sassy, fun, surprisingly amazing
Clinique - kick@$$ turnaround radiance serum, minimalist packaging
Cover FX - soft brushes
Dior - charlize theron
Estee Lauder - that model in the perfume ads
Givenchy - amazing lipsticks
Guerlain - violet scented everything! Heart
Hourglass - cool packaging, kind of irritated their new liner is only designed for 17-20 uses...that's like $1 per use
Kat Von D - that awesome orange in the ladybird palettte
Lancome - lip lover!
Laura Mercier - mmmm body souffles Smiley Happy
MAKE UP FOR EVER - super pigmented blushes
Marc Jacobs - remember the ads for his cologne, Bang?
NARS - LOVE! one of the coolest makeup brands out there
Smashbox - boring
Stila - fun summer collection (festival of color)
Tarte - perfect bronze eyeliner color
Too Faced - fun, girly, the sweetheart bronzer reminds me of chocolate cheerios, teeny-bopper
Urban Decay - really cool, yet slightly pretentious
YSL - sexy, grown-up, HBIC makeup

Re: Popular Make-Up Brand Word Association

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Brows
Bare Minerals - Natural
BECCA - Shimmer powder
Benefit - Cartoon like makeup
BITE - Cranberries, Lips, Red
Bobbi Brown - Something brown
Buxom - Lip gloss
Clinique - My mom and aunt
Cover FX - Sounds like something for movies with special effects
Dior - Evita/Madonna
Estee Lauder - Animal testing
Givenchy - Prism
Guerlain - Rainbow balls
Hourglass - Shape, Ambient light powders
Kat Von D - Tattoos, did not like she was cheating with Sandra Bullock's husband, pretty makeup packaging
Lancome - Roses, Tresor
Laura Mercier - Tinted moisturizer, always in Sephora sample bags
MAKE UP FOR EVER - for makeup artists
Marc Jacobs - Hand bags
NARS - Orgasm blush
Smashbox - Hatbox? I don't know...
Stila - Glue disguised as lipgloss
Tarte - Clay, rain forrest, great mascara
Too Faced - Backstabber, love their pink stuff though when I want something girly girl
Urban Decay - Rotten, loads of different eye shadows and liners, great lipsticks
YSL - Glossy stains, cloths

Re: Popular Make-Up Brand Word Association

"Glue disguised as lipgloss"  awesome!!! Smiley Happy

Re: Popular Make-Up Brand Word Association

Anastasia Beverly Hills - YAAAAASSS
Bare Minerals - YAAAAASSS
Bobbi Brown - YAAAAASSS
Clinique - YAAAAASSS
Estee Lauder - YAAAAASSS
Givenchy - YAAAAASSS
Guerlain - YAAAAASSS
Hourglass - YAAAAASSS
Laura Mercier - YAAAAASSS
Marc Jacobs - YAAAAASSS
Smashbox - YAAAAASSS
Urban Decay - YAAAAASSS


Here's the real list...



Anastasia Beverly Hills - Brows
Bare Minerals - Liquid and Powder Foundations
Benefit - Right now... push eyeliner pen 
Bobbi Brown - Expensive eyeshadow brushes
Clinique - Meh
Dior - Mascara
Estee Lauder - Concealer (cause I use theirs lol...)
Guerlain - Expensive talc that illuminates on your face
Hourglass - Brushes that are on display but they are locked behind a glass panel - which no one can open or touch 
Kat Von D - One of the best quality eyeshadows for its price 
Lancome - Little less meh than Clinique, but still meh.
Laura Mercier - I need to give this brand a try - a lot of cool products, even down to their makeup accessories
Marc Jacobs - Trying to be a high end, where it should only be a mid-end - trys to "innovate" - foundation stick looks like deodorant packaging 
NARS - Provocative naming
Smashbox - Meh, stands next to UD
Stila - Liners
Too Faced - Bronzerssssssss
Urban Decay - Hyped eyeshadow palettes that have a moderate amount of fallout.
YSL - Simplicity at a price 





Re: Popular Make-Up Brand Word Association

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I love this idea!

Thank you for the time and thought you put into this

Anastasia Beverly Hills -anastasia.jpg
Bare Minerals - Blah Minerals 
BECCA - Moonstone
Benefit - Friends with benefits that I had expected so much more from
BITE - Another one BITES the dust
Bobbi Brown - Not that one! Bobbi Brown is a makeup artist, Bobby Brown was the one with Whitney!
Buxom - Jayne Mansfield- Buxom Blonde Sophia_and_jayne.jpg
Clinique - My Mom 
Cover FX -
Dior - Gold is cold, diamonds are dead...
Estee Lauder - Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Givenchy - La Vie en Rose
Guerlain - the Meteorites  (sang in my head to the tune of Desmond Dekker's 1968 the Israelites song...I now know how to insert videos!!! )


Hourglass - Mae West1-mae-west-1892-1980-granger.jpg
Kat Von D - I really like my Poetica palette, despite that whole Jesse James thing
Lancome - Julia Roberts is still as beautiful as she was in Pretty Woman.
Laura Mercier -
Marc Jacobs - "sensual" packaging...ha ha
NARS - ....et Dieu Crea le Femme (Bardot palette)
Smashbox - Mike Singletary chi_50greatest_13.jpgSmashbox-Smashmouth-Smash-mouth Football
Stila - Lip gloss made in China
Tarte - **bleep**; Bronzer made in China
Too Faced - Manipulative, Mean and Evil
Urban Decay - Mildew
YSL - C'est la vie

Re: Popular Make-Up Brand Word Association

Mae West! <3

Re: Popular Make-Up Brand Word Association

Great list! Love the pics!

Re: Popular Make-Up Brand Word Association

Oh no. They bleeped what rhymes with Tarte, but starts with an F. I didn't mean to offend! Sorry

Re: Popular Make-Up Brand Word Association

Anastasia Beverly Hills - BROWS BROWS BROWS
Bare Minerals - QVC
Benefit - One word: Hype.
BITE - Fantastic lips.

Bobbi Brown - Foundations/concealers: OK, everything else: meh.
Buxom - Bee stung lips
Clinique - A skincare brand that really should stick to skincare.
Cover FX - More for those with extreme skin conditions
Dior - Mature products attempting to sound glam.
Estee Lauder - See above.
Givenchy -
Guerlain - $
Hourglass - Highlighters
Kat Von D - I WAS ON TLC
Lancome - See Dior. Also see Batalash Beauty's youtube video, Open Letter to Lancome. Seriously guys stop naming products after freaky french stuff.
Laura Mercier - BB Cream?
Marc Jacobs - $
NARS - We're chill. We don't try too hard.
Smashbox - Like NARS but with worse packaging.
Stila - Ignore everything but the liquid liner.
Tarte - We're so tropical, if you use our product you'll feel like you're on vacation!
Too Faced - *cues Iggy Izalea* I'M SO FANCY, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW
Urban Decay - wow we're so rebellious and cool oh and we're going to find every way to reincarnate the Naked line...
YSL - Glamorous.

Re: Popular Make-Up Brand Word Association

Ooooh fun!


Anastasia Beverly Hills -mousse for your brows, WTH. Chocolate mousse. Yum. Hungry.
Bare Minerals - covering yourself in powdery minerals. TV commercials urging me to buy. 
BECCA - beach, and UFO packaging. 
Benefit -OOOH la over it. I remember loving the kitsch when I was in my twenties, now notsomuch. And their tints make my lips itch. 
BITE -lips. Everything lips. I love this brand. 
Bobbi Brown -big honking art stick that I just bought. Katie Holmes. Grays and pinks. 
Buxom -chubby lips and big chest. Me. 
Clinique -yellow moisturizer (the only thing I have from them besides one cheek pop!) 
Cover FX -huh???
Dior -the best freaking lash primer in the world. Fluid sticks. Love. 
Estee Lauder -since I just bought the best color envy lipstick from there (nude pink, called desirable) I'm happy with them, but it's all I've got from that line! 
Givenchy -I own nothing. Sob. 
Guerlain -again, I own nothing. But I would like some pretty sparkly balls oh yes I would. 
Hourglass -powder. Palette. that I had to freaking have despite having already spent forty million dollars on all the other powders. 
Kat Von D -spiky. Red lips. Slightly trashy In a good way, but I love SB so then I have the guilt. 
Lancome -tried lip lovers, was meh.......doesn't seem old to me, just in need of a boost. Juicy tubes were my only glosses in my twenties, which was a thousand years ago when dinosaurs with sticky lips roamed the earth, 
Laura Mercier -Bobbi brown's less interesting sister, but she does have good eye sticks (I have two!) 
MAKE UP FOR EVER -MUFE sounds like I just stubbed my toe in a coat closet. But good blushes and lipsticks! 
Marc Jacobs -I have nothing yet want it all, probably so I can put it in my Marc by Marc purse....I want those eyeliners. 
NARS -OMG I must have all if it and am slowly amassing all of it. I LOVE NARS. Edgy, black matte, sleek, cool girl. 
Smashbox -pout. It's all I have and all I want. 
Stila -too bland. Everything seems boring to me. Although I love love love the eyeliner. And I have about seven, so I guess they're doing that right. 
Tarte -oil. Rainforest, snakes, clay, dry blushes. 
Too Faced -sparkly pretty boudoir type makeup that I would display if I ran a brothel. Chocolate powders that seem edible and that I want to be edible. 
Urban Decay -smog, pollution, best eyeshadows in the business besides MAC. 
YSL -lipstick and gold packaging so pretty I want to collect all of the colors. Lips so creamy they slide around on themselves, colors so cool I feel young again. 

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(0) Hearts

I love the Too Faced description!

Re: Popular Make-Up Brand Word Association

Haha! Laura Mercier = Bobbi Brown's less interesting sister. Phenomenal. 

Re: Popular Make-Up Brand Word Association

Love it! "when dinosaurs with sticky lips roamed the earth" and MUFE sounding like you stubbed your toe in a closet!  I can't see MUFE without reading it "MOOF!" .  and I want chocolate now, too.

Re: Popular Make-Up Brand Word Association

I have 10 Juicy tubes, so this dinosaur still roams the earth with sticky lips, lol.

Re: Popular Make-Up Brand Word Association

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Paris Hilton's Poodle

Bare Minerals - Bare Minimum


Benefit - dinner...chicken or fish?


Bobbi Brown - "Cool It Now"  *Hint - you gotta remember the '80's to get this

Buxom - Bubble Blond

Clinique - Clinical test subjects (the white lab coats the sales reps wear and the very bad skin reactions I got every time I tried Clinique just adds to that image) 

Cover FX - "you're applying your makeup wrong"

Dior - Sex and the City

Estee Lauder - just like others...my mother. Wore Youth Dew until the day she died.

Givenchy -

Guerlain -

Hourglass - figure

Kat Von D - vs Sandra Bullock

Lancome - Estee's sister

Laura Mercier -

MAKE UP FOR EVER - Stop yelling!

Marc Jacobs - expensive purses to put your makeup in.

NARS - Next time use spell check, its Mars

Smashbox - Top 20 countdown

Stila - Stila what...tired, hungry?

Tarte - Scotland

Too Faced - Baby Doll

Urban Decay - the movie Blade Runner - a combination of outdated neon Vegas and edgy 80's punk glamour.


Re: Popular Make-Up Brand Word Association

"Stila-waiting for a lipgloss that doesn't glue my lips together"

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