Pop of Color

A pop of color is a really nice way to spice up your look from an overdone makeup routine or neutral outfit.

I was wondering where you like to wear your pop of color? I'm hoping I can get inspired to add a few to my everyday!!

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Day Look

I love to focus a pop of color in my eyeliner. I can't get away with anything super crazy at work so I'll use an emerald green or deep purple liner to change it up without standing out too much.

Night look

If I get perfect a winged liner that night, I love to stick with a flesh colored shadow, black liner, and go for a big pop of color in the lips. I love NARS Matte Velvet Lip Pencil in Cruella. It's a crimson red that is so easy to wear and looks classic, retro, or even effortless depending on how you apply it.



Day Look

I am a neutrals girl for sure. I have so much taupe, charcoal, and black in my wardrobe it's crazy. If I need something to break up a full on blahh toned outfit I will usually go for a bright colored shoe. I love wearing patent red wedges with an all black outfit, or a bright pink colored ballet flats with dark jeans and a casual top.

Night Look

I like to keep accessories to a minimum so for a night look I will go with maybe a skinny belt in a very bold color like fushia with a black dress.


I'd love to hear your creative ideas as I start buying refreshes for fall and winter!!!


Re: Pop of Color

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Yay! I luuvvvvvv this question. I do accent nails for a pop of color. Paint all your nails one, neutralish color accept your ring finger, which you paint like a neon color and bam!!!! Instant color! It attracts a ton of attention and makes you stand out from the crowd! Hope i helped!

-Jessi <3

Re: Pop of Color

Hi there,


Sounds just like me.  I've got a ton of clothes but I always seem to be reaching for more casual, although I love dressing up.  I remeber my mom telling me to dress for where you wanna be not where you're going.  She used to work at a basement  office thata no one really saw but she dressed as though she was on the runway. 


I also like to wear colored liner like purples and blues.  But recently I've gotten into smokey eyes.  I've put purples and greens into my crease and on the outter half of my lid and blend it well going forward.  But when I wear something colorful I either try to match a color from my outfit or I'll go neutral.  I saw these awesome polka dot pumps at DSW that I really wanna get.  They're the perfect shoes to pair with a red lip and some jeans.  I try not to go too crazy with my clothes and makep since I'm so self-consious but sometimes I let loose and make myself look a little more made up.

Re: Pop of Color

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@sammibaby: I ♥ Polka Dot shoes!! I saw a pair of Betsy Johnson pumps that I wanted, but I had to show restraint. If you get them post a photo!!!

I agree you must dress for where you want to be. I think working in the outdoor industry and mostly with men that makes it difficult. Looking too fussy is not a good thing, but I feel like I have to be true to my style while representing myself professionally.

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