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Perfect eyebrows everytime when applying eye shadow and/or eye pencil
Hello Makeup Experts, How do I achieve perfect eyebrows everyday? My brows are sparse and I naturally have a wide space between them and have been told that I need to bring them in closer with the aid of makeup (eye shadow or pencil). Thanks and have a great weekend, TMS
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Hi, tms4!

Try the Too Faced Brow Envy Brow Shaping & Defining Kit or the SEPHORA COLLECTION Arch It Brow Kit. They both have stencils you can use to shape your brows, and brow powder, etc. to color them in.


Hope this helps!

xoxo, Charlotte

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hi, tms4! the easiest way to achieve perfect brows is to take a pencil and hold it vertically next to your nose under one eye. your eyebrows should start at the point where the pencil is. then keeping the pencil next to your nose move the pencil so it's going through the middle of your eyebrow and mark that area along with the starting point. then move the pencil tip all the way to the end of the eyebrow and place a mark there as well. so then you basically have a stencil to work with. hope you could understand this! let me know if i need to clarify this! hope it works!


Hi Tms4. A trick to get that classic brow shape, is to use a pencil (or often times I use my eyeshadow brush handle).  Hold the pencil from the side of your nose straight up.  That is where your brow should start.  To determine arch, angle the pencil from the corner of your lip, side of your nose and up through your pupil.  To see where your brow should end, angle the pencil from the corner of your lip, past the side of your nose out. If your main concern is making them closer together, you may want to just do the first step.  If you are drawing in your eyebrow where there is no hair, I recommend using a pencil as it can be a little more difficult to get the definition and pigment needed from a powder.

One of my favorite brow pencils is Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil.  It comes in some great natural shades and wears really well throughout the day. If your are drawing in, it is important to find a color as close to your brow color as possible.  When filling in, I usually prefer going with a slightly lighter shade so you get the definition but aren't darkening and making your brows look heavy (unless that is the goal Smiley Happy).
Perfect Brow Pencil


I usually go to a Benefit Brow Bar near me every couple of months when I forget to pluck my eyebrows and keep the arch nice and neat.  It also helps sometimes to go to one just for some instructions on what to do too and see what they're doing and what they recommend. 


A good product I use for highlighting and adding the illusion of eyebrows to mine is Clinique's Instant Lift for Brows.  The crayon that is for the brows (about the same size as one of the smudge sticks that have been coming out recently) can be used on it's side to create precise lines for brows or used fully to create the illusion of depth, with the highlighter under your brows, etc.  Another good one they make is the Superfine Liner for Brows, as well as Dior's Universal Brow Liner.  I recommend you check some of these out. 


I hope this helps you. 

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I used the Anastasia brow wiz for the longest time and it gives a good defined brow, but honestly I prefer my Mac duo eyeshadow palette in coquette and brun.  I get a perfect brow every time that looks defined, more natural and takes less time.image.jpg

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I think any one of the brow pencils that have an ultra fine tip in the same color as your brows will do the job quite nicely. That way the strokes look like tiny hairs and the color will fill in your brows to look full without darkening them too much, which can look unnatural. 

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