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Every time I put foundation on, no matter what kind of foundation it is, I always end up having all the tiny little peach fuzz all over my face standing up. It really pisses me off, without make up i cant even notice it. The point in foundation is to make my skin look nicer, but i hate the peach fuzz sticking up and ming me look like i have a beard lol. Any suggestions ? I dont wanna waz my face to avoid a break out, and im sure shaving will make the hair come back even worse

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Jesus Christ, I highly disagree with the last two postings. ( But respectfully). I dont have the issue that you do but I would never ever tell you to wax, shave, thread or scrub away peach fuzz, that is sooo ridiculous. What kind of foundation are you using? Cream, liquid? Use a powder foundation instead. I think that powder shouldnt make it look too obvious and if not, play around with different formulas. Not all of them are alike.


But dont mess with baby hairs/peach fuzz because it probably will grow back worse and you dont want that.


Many women have peach fuzz on their face.  It's only a part of being human.  A powder foundation with a light hand may help you.  But don't worry so much over it.  If you get too stressed out over it, you'll begin to notice it too much, ya know.  Also, sometimes being stressed out over something can cause you to break out.  Breakouts are harder to deal with than peach fuzz.  However, I would not shave or wax such light hair off.  The more you do that, the more prominent it will become as it grows back. 


I totally agree with kimmi and sephoramusthave -- please, do not shave your face. Really, I promise. Not only is your skin too delicate for this -- it may cause serious issues with regrowth. If you have abnormal hair growth (and I mean really abnormal -- because as kimmi stated, everybody has "peach fuzz"!), i.e., noticeably dark, thick hair -- you can see a dermatologist to discuss options. But, as someone who has made mistakes in the past -- including with hair dye, waxing, etc., overtreating a pimple that wouldn't go away -- the greatest lesson I have ever learned ended up teaching myself is: Leave well enough alone. You could end up with a situation 10x worse than your peach fuzz issue, which may really only be visible or noticeable to you.


I also agree with the suggestion that, no matter what kind of foundation you use, blend downward. There really is a noticeable difference when you blend upward / in circular motions, as this disturbs the hair's growth pattern. If you blend downward, it will not be as noticeable.


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Are you using a finishing powder after you put on your foundation?

If you're not, you should be.

Set your foundation with the finishing powder brushing it from your

forhead DOWN your face.

That makes all the little fuzzies that you got to stand up

by putting on foundation, to lay down after.



Omg .... Please don't use any products to remove t=you fuzz or shave it ... I had a little bit of peach fuzz im super blonde and so of corse so was my peach fuzz and on day my boyfriend started calling me fuzzy and I had never even really noticed I had peach fuzz but I went and got a hair remover cream and ended up with my lips swelling and then actually getting more peach fuzz. It made it super bad.The best thing to do is to either use a powder foundation, or to get laser hair removal if you are super worried about it Smiley Happy But other wise try to ignore it. Hope this helps hun xox   


Want to get rid of Peachy Fuzz? Threading for the face/eyebrows will be great.  Your face will be smooth  for at least two months, and don't worry it doesn't grow rough.  :-)


I have small peach fuzz on my cheeks as well. I use something called, smooth away. you can get it at walmart or walgreens, it's about ten bucks, usually near the check out area because it's a "as seen on tv" product. it's a sandpaper glove that you rub LIGHTLY on your face in circular motions and it takes off the hair painlessly. I use this about once a month on my cheeks, chin area. for eyebrows and upper lip i get them threaded at a local beauty salon.

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