Peach Fuzz

Every time I put foundation on, no matter what kind of foundation it is, I always end up having all the tiny little peach fuzz all over my face standing up. It really pisses me off, without make up i cant even notice it. The point in foundation is to make my skin look nicer, but i hate the peach fuzz sticking up and ming me look like i have a beard lol. Any suggestions ? I dont wanna waz my face to avoid a break out, and im sure shaving will make the hair come back even worse

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Omg .... Please don't use any products to remove t=you fuzz or shave it ... I had a little bit of peach fuzz im super blonde and so of corse so was my peach fuzz and on day my boyfriend started calling me fuzzy and I had never even really noticed I had peach fuzz but I went and got a hair remover cream and ended up with my lips swelling and then actually getting more peach fuzz. It made it super bad.The best thing to do is to either use a powder foundation, or to get laser hair removal if you are super worried about it Smiley Happy But other wise try to ignore it. Hope this helps hun xox   

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