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Hi everyone!


I have been having a problem figuring out which palette I should get ! I have my eyes on the Naked 2 and the Lorac Pro Palette, but I just cant decide which one! I like the Lorac one because it has a a wide range of mattes and shimmers, BUT I also really love the colors in the Naked 2 as well, and I really love the double-sided brush it comes with.  So I'm super confused.  Can someone help please Smiley Sad or try to convince me or list pros and cons...


Thanks :* (I live in Canada btw)

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hmmm... Thanks everyone! For some reason the Naked2 just seems to catch my attention more Smiley Wink I have to go to the store and swatch again! Maybe i'll just wait until the next beauty reward coupon comes out later in the year so I can save some money. In the meantime, I'll be purchasing the Benefit Sexiest Nudes Ever palette! gorgeous set (and different from the everyday brown toned neutrals)!

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I have both and I love both of them!  I use my Naked 2 palette more often though, actually every day.  Well, I use my Naked 1 palette more than 2 just because it suits my skin tone better.  But the Lorac one is more dramatic than the Naked 2 which is more everyday so it really depends on your everyday makeup look.  


They are both worth the money though.  Hope that helps!

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I LOVE my Naked 2 palette!!! Its got quite a few shimmers in it, so if you love shimmer you should keep that in mind! Its got shaddows for pretty much every skin tone i think, plus the lip gloss and brush it comes with are great! There are days when ive done my makeup and litterally all I've used is my Naked 2 Palette. And I usually use the brush it comes with. The one side is great for doing your lower lash line or lining your eyes for a more soft look the other side is fantastic for blending your upper lid.

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Hi rosetro925, 


I really like both palettes, if you have sensitive eyes at all, try the Lorac which is great for most delicate skin and sensitive eyes. I'm also a fan of it because of the range of rich cool and warm colors, while the naked 2 has primarily more shimmer and cool tones. 


PRO Palette Naked2

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

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hello! u should try the smashbox master class palatte. so awesome!!!

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Naked 2 for sure! I've never tried the Lorac Pro Palette before but the Naked 2 is very popular in the US. I love it because of the warm colors and the nice shine they have. Also, it comes with a brush and a mini Lip Junkie! 

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