Opinions on bare minerals?

Just curious about your experience with bare minerals before I purchase it


Re: Opinions on bare minerals?

I absolutely love my BM. When I first bought it, I only bought the original foundation, and used it with my regular Sephora brushes. I have since bought a few BM brushes and they make such a big difference. I've also started using the primer, concealer and mineral veil, and my skin has never looked better! Even my hubby notices that I have a nice glow (and he never notices anything makeup related). If you're going for it, I recommend the Get Started Kit. I ended up buying everything separately and should've just gotten the kit to begin with.


**And a questions for all you BM Ladies - how do you travel with your BM - specifically the concealer and mineral veil? There's no click lid on those and it makes for such a mess if the containers get tossed around..


Re: Opinions on bare minerals?

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Which BM are you looking at..the loose, swirl and tap, or the pressed?


I've only used the loose powder. It feels like nothing is on, looks natural and is build able. Sephora usually has a sample for online orders, the one I got a long time ago, also included a mini buki brush. Even the sample lasts a good while. I keep their pressed veil in my purse, for matte touch ups.


I use Colorescience (founder of BM who started another brand) in their pressed mineral foundation, when I want something lighter feeling and don't want full face makeup, like for exercising.


Re: Opinions on bare minerals?

BareMinerals was my first Sephora purchase! :smileyhappy: I used to use the Original, I've tried the Matte and now I use the Ready. 

The Matte was "too" matte for me. 

The Original was great, and I really did love it, but I think READY is more hydrating and makes less of a mess. It lasts 4-8 months, it's not that expensive and my skin doesn't get irritated or break out, which is a total plus. 

Get the Getting Started Kit so you can get all the brushes! You really do need the proper brushes in order to apply it. 

I absolutely love the fact that it's not noticeable when I'm wearing foundation. BM gives you a very flawless, airbrushed look. You won't LOOK like you're wearing makeup, but your skin will look lovely :smileyhappy:


Re: Opinions on bare minerals?

Longtime (10+ years) BE user here too.  I really, really love this product and I hope they never change it, and I hope I never develop a sensitivity!


I have sensitive skin, to some things, and I also require that my make up be almost undetectable.  I like a very subtle natural look (but not NO MAKE UP, I wear plenty but expect it to have a good finish and enhance my appearance, not look like a mask). 


honestly, after trying tons of other powders and liquids over the years, BE is the only foundation that has worked for me.


I find with the right application it does NOT settle into fine lines, highlight pores, cake, or other annoying things!


On the cons side, it does take a little practice to apply it correctly and buff it in (really not that hard, just try it with a few brushes or a few different ways to get the look you want).  On me, it also oxidizes a bit, so I have to make sure to go one shade lighter than the SAs always recommend.  


It lasts FOREVER, too.  Really worth the $$!!!  I can't say that enough.


I currently use Matte and like it, but I used to use original and liked the slightly 'dewy' subtley glowy finish.  Now I use matte because I prefer to glow only where I want to -- where I apply my highlighter :smileyhappy:.


I've also tried the Ready pressed foundation and it's good but I think nothing compares to the original loose (in matte or original finish)-- it's the best.  FYI, I think Ready is a little more hydrating. But on me, a little more apt to cake as well.


This make up, in my opinion, is really DIFFERENT from all others. 


It also doesn't FEEL like I'm wearing a mask all day, which is so important to me!



Re: Opinions on bare minerals?

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I am a long time BE user. I used to use the original and once the matte foundation came out I switched to matte. I have combo skin and make sure I apply the foundation right after my moisturizers and SPF cream and use BE primer. I use a large kabuki brush to apply it. The trick is you must blend it well and I spend the time to apply it evenly. I tend to use more so it covers my face and it lasts all day. I set it with a powder puff with MUF finishing powder (the best powder) and it doesn't move all day. I can sweat and it still looks great. Makes my skin look flawless.


Re: Opinions on bare minerals?

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I started using bare minerals in my teens and I'm still using it(I'm in my 20snow) I started with the loose powder and its very natural looking I switched to the pressed ready powder and loved it even more I was never spilling it!


Re: Opinions on bare minerals?

This was my first "better" (non-drug store) makeup purchase.  I had a Bare Minerals makeover then got the start up kit.  I don't really use the eye shadows anymore but use the concealer every day and the foundation/mineral veil some days.  It is definitely good stuff, my skin likes it and it looks good! 


I agree that most people won't even realize you have makeup on, it's very natural looking.


Re: Opinions on bare minerals?

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If you are not allergic to Bismuth Oxide, GET IT! There is a reason that it is so popular. I wore it all throughout high school, college, and still wear it! I've only used the original, loose powder. I would go in store, swatch and apply to make sure no allergies or reactions. I prefer the loose powder to the pressed. During the winter months or if I want a more glowy look I just mix it with my moisturizer and its perfect! 


Re: Opinions on bare minerals?

I have the loose versions, both matte and original, but I love the original way better. The matte sometimes turned darker throughout the day, and makes my skin looks dull.

The original version however is really my secret to achieve that natural flawless looking face, my coworkers thought that I have really nice skin until one day I woke up late and went to work without makeup. Then they found out it was all because of Bare Minerals.

The only thing that you should consider is that you need to get your own brush, the brush from their line makes my skin itch.


- Cheaper than most brands ($28 will last you 4-6 months)

- Buildable (you can go from really light to full coverage)

- Doesn't have sticky feeling like liquid does

- Last on your face for quite a long time


- A little bit drying


You should go to the store and ask them to apply it on your face, walk around and see how you like it. Also, this trick should apply to when you're buying any kind of foundation, check how your makeup is under natural sunlight, sometimes the color looks okay in store, but once you go out you will look more orange.


Re: Opinions on bare minerals?

I enjoy both the pressed and loose (original formula) versions. I have oily skin but I still prefer the original formula - it is luminous but I use a matte setting powder in the t-zone so its perfect. The matte is VERY matte... so I'd consider getting an application done at sephora or bareMinerals regardless of what formula you are considering. A lot of people will put wayyy too much product in the lid before swirling and tapping. It requires the smallest amount of product buffed on over a few applications. That is how you get the best result.


As for brushes, I think you can't go wrong with getting the starter kit, its a great deal. Another brush I've seen recommended is the Real Techniques powder brush, $10 at Ulta.


If you want to learn more about proper application, tips/tricks etc, there are a couple YouTubers that I watch that work for bareMinerals and do a lot of videos with their products. Arielhopemakeup and Loveshelby. Loveshelby has a lot of great bareMinerals application, getting started, and specific product related videos so you can see how everything works. I really enjoy watching her videos!


And I think I saw you say this below, but yes, bareMinerals eyeshadows (Ready/the pressed ones in particular) are AWESOME. I try to stick with more natural brands like bareMinerals and Tarte and I would never use a base from companies that do not have a natural emphasis.


Keep in mind some people have sensitivities to bismuth oxychloride, so if you experience the itching someone said they had down below or anything like that, stop use. Overall though, I think its a great natural foundation - I keep trying to find a liquid I like but I can't! And you can get full coverage with this. I like using the concealer brush that comes with the kit and applying powder directly to my undereye darkness... works really well!


Re: Opinions on bare minerals?

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I used to love it, but I am moving away from it since it seems to settle in every fine line I have now that I am 46.  I've been using it almost as a finishing powder, but extremely light handed and avoiding the eye area.  It really does have a nice buildable and flawless finish for the right skin types.


Re: Opinions on bare minerals?

Opinions in list format... because who doesn't love lists? :smileyhappy:


- makes me itchy in hot climate

- matte foundation made my dry skin break out; i like original though

- need a good serum/moisturizer combo for my dry skin; especially winter months



- nice, buildable coverage (remember swirl and tap!)

- feels "light" on the face, looks natural

- need very little product; lasts a long time



Re: Opinions on bare minerals?

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Looks awful and cakey on me no matter what. I do have dry skin - but even w/ moisturizer on right before. It certainly seem popular so I have to assume that it works better for other people.




Re: Opinions on bare minerals?

I used it a few years ago when I was just starting to get into makeup, and I found it very mediocre. It seemed to take a lot to build up coverage and it only lasted halfway through the day before it had disappeared. I agree that if you are looking at more natural options Korres Powder Foundation is similar, but I liked it better. And my favorite powder foundation of all time is Makeup Forever's.


Re: Opinions on bare minerals?

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I have oily skin and I think the original foundation is pretty good. I wouldn't exactly call it a holy grail for me. It's not very good at controlling oil, but it's really great at minimizing pores if you have the right brush.


Re: Opinions on bare minerals?

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I love this foundation during the summer, but I switch to liquid foundation during the winter because my skin gets a bit dry and the loose mineral powder doesn't go on as smoothly.


Re: Opinions on bare minerals?

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I have the original foundation and I really like it. I don't think you can even get a cake-y face with this. Just moisturize prior to using it if you are on the drier side. Looks natural and flawless.


Re: Opinions on bare minerals?

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I like their matte loose mineral foundation. It is the foundation I have found work best with my oily skin. And I also like their prime time primer.


Re: Opinions on bare minerals?

Breaks me out every time I wear it! Try the Korres instead! :smileyhappy:


Re: Opinions on bare minerals?

I love Bare Minerals makeup but I can't wear their mineral foundation because it makes my face itch so bad.  :smileysad:

They have some beautiful kits and their Buxom mascara is awesome.

See if you can't get a few samples before you buy it.  We have a Bare Minerals in our mall and the associates are always happy to let you try the multitude of products.  Better yet, most all Sephora stores do an Express Makeover and you can ask them to use Bare Minerals and see if it works for you.

Either way, I'm sure you'll find something in their line that you just can't live without!  :smileyhappy:

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