Old Dog New Application Tricks

I have recently been adding new products to my bag of tricks and go to products. I was finding I was not getting the results I desired. Based on reviews and the little results I was seeing, I wanted to experiment before chalking it up to the product. I watched a handle full of Sephora videos and read a lot of post to get some ideas. I quickly learned (or relearned) application was as important as the product. Some of the new tricks this old dog recalled or learned for the first time yielded the results I desired! Here are a few:

~ make-up brushes can be a girl's best friend. I am a strong believer in finger application but using the right brushes at the right time can make all the difference.
~ light dusting of finishing powder, with a small powder brush, over finished lips adds maximum staying power!
~ there is nothing better than a rounded crease eyeshadow brush.
~ when using an illuminating powder start at your hairline by your temples following the hairline to the start of the cheekbone. Then highlight the cheekbone. It gives you a more natural look.
~ DO NOT TUG OR PULL TAUNT, I have been guilty of this for so long. I found out not only was I doing my eyes a disservice (which I always have known), I did not realize I was not getting high color payoff from highly pigmented eyeliners. I will now always buy a liner, such as Urban Decay's 24/7, that requires no tugging. Plus I realized I could get just as thin of a line without pulling taunt, which is why I always did so.

Please post new tips and tricks you have learned recently that may have changed your old beliefs or routines. Thanks beauties and Sephora for helping me keep my look stylish and fresh! Looking forward to everyone's input!

Re: Old Dog New Application Tricks

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Light/dark foundation for contour/base. You know those samples of foundation that are too light for your skintone? Those are fantastic eyeshadow base to make bright colors pop (recently used UD Naked foundation, the lightest shade, under colored smokey eye, the colors are more true to pan color rather than dimmed down by my eyelid color). The dark foundations are great for contouring when you don't want to bother with brush/powder bronzer and I feel like you get more control.


Reverse application for glow. I have combination skin, so it's pretty much always shiny/"dewy". It just doesn't make sense and feels stuffy to put on a layer of mattifying powder/product, then apply luminizers. Use a clean eyeshadow brush, then apply mattifying powder to places where you don't want it to glow/shine or need it toned down a notch (shiny undereye bags? err, no. A bit on the nose so it looks dewy instead of shiny). Voila! Dewy look with .5 layer of product rather than 1.5 layers.


Topcoat as nail polish remover. When you want to clean up messy edges, just apply generously around the edge, then before it dries, do a swipe with your finger/cotton swap to wipe the topcoat off the edge of the skin. It softens the polish and the swipe makes the edge more uniform. If you don't have or want to use nail polish remover, you can just apply a generous layer of topcoat/strengther, then rub/wipe with your cotton pad right after applying. This way your nail don't get as damaged with the remover, and you are left with a nice subtle sheen from the topcoat/strengthener (best with polish that are mostly chipped off, or nude color polish).


Not sure if it's bad for your clothe, but fragrance lasts longer on clothe. Since I'm always rushing out the door in the morning and forgetting my perfume, sometimes I would spray 3-6 spritz of perfume on top half of my sweater/shirt/top the night before, so in the morning I just grab and go. Similar with make up, where you are suppose to let a layer set before applying the next one, so I would apply primer, lip balm, and/or liquid concealer at home, drive to work, then set with powder, do eye stuff and lip color in the car. =X

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