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I have always been into a natural or no makeup look.  Most of my makeup bag is based on that no-makeup-look.  But I am done!!  I have done a lot of theatrical makeup and the more I get into all the different looks and brands and products the more I want to create that "IT GIRL" look for myself, and I know how so why not!!  And I am going all out here... I am using heavier formulas and techniques to really add the perfect coverage and illusions for my face, but I am also looking into hair extentions and SnapOn Smile.  Why?  I think most people should stick with a natural look, but I just had my 25th birthday and I am a mommy of two toddlers and I work in the nursery class of a preschool.  My body has changed, and it is not that uncommon that I am puked on, pooped on, peed on, and used as a tissue.  I still wear a lot of the clothes I wore in high school and until recently did my makeup the same as I did in high school and people think I am 16 w/ two babies!!  So, I want to look older and more professional, I want to feel pretty and not like a burp rag, and I want to have fun with color before I feel like I am too old for it.  And I really want to look sexy for my husband.  So, now that I got that rant out of my system, I have to pick what to use for myself....  I have a makeup kit with the heavier stuff I use on other people, and then my makeup bag of sheer, natural-looking products and I need to buy new stuff for myself somewhere in the middle and I am not really sure where to start.  I have super dry, golden-fair skin with large pores, squinty little light blue eyes, blonde hair, round face shape, thin lips, freckles.  I am going for super-flawless skin, luminess, glowing cheeks, smokey-but-bright eyes, and full but down-played lips.

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For dry skin with large pores, try Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream. It's a tinted cream formula that hydrates, primes, perfects and protects (with SPF 35) leaving you with flawless skin and the feel of a fresh face (it's so light)! You can wear it by itself of under foundation. I wear it alone and use Smashbox High Definition Concealer for under my eyes.

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