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Hi everybody! I am new to makeup, all of it! I am 13 and i would like to start wearing makeup to school. I have medium-ish skin, brown eyes and light brown hair that gets lighter towards the bottom. Any ideas for what i should start with? Also i have an older sister but she doesnt wear makeup and my mom doesnt know i want to. How should i tell her???

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For thirteen, I would keep it light and fresh.

If you want to wear face makeup I would use a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream. These have moisturizing properties and other benefits as well as light coverage. If you can don't wear face makeup- it can add to acne which can be a problem going into your teen years. If you have clear skin now show it off- don't cover it. 


For eyes a mascara is just fine. Clinique's High impact mascara was my favorite in middle school. It's $16. clinique.jpg

Also, sephora often has travel size samples of mascara for around $10. Two Face has a little kit with an eyeliner and mascara

If you want to wear an eyeshadow, try a simple wash of a skintoned color. I have light skin, so I'll have trouble recomending anything for you, but a light brown would be fine. Eyeshadow really isn't necassary. 


For lips- gloss and balm are still my favorite. They're easy to stow if you want to freshen up too. Plain ol' chapstick is always an easy way to go, but anything that works for you is fine. 


If you want to wear a blush, which I don't think you need, I would suggest covergirl classic color blush. You can find it in a drugstore. It is my go to  blush even though its only around 5 bucks. 


I hope that helped a bit. Ask me any questions you have, but really, my main advice is you're young so keep it natural. 


~We are all beautiful~

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