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Hi everybody! I am new to makeup, all of it! I am 13 and i would like to start wearing makeup to school. I have medium-ish skin, brown eyes and light brown hair that gets lighter towards the bottom. Any ideas for what i should start with? Also i have an older sister but she doesnt wear makeup and my mom doesnt know i want to. How should i tell her???

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So since your fairly young, I would suggest doing light/natural makeup looks.

For face makeup I would recommend a "BB Cream", Which is lighter than a foundation. It basically evens out any redness in your skin.

You can try: Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35 (link below)!...

 -----------The SPF (sunscreen) in this product is great if you play sports or are generally outside a lot.---------------


If you want something really quick and easy for your face, a great POWDER FOUNDATION is the "Benefit Hello Flawless Powder w/ SPF 15"

This is something easy for school. You just take a fluffy brush, swirl into powder, apply to face, and it instantly evens out your skintone.



bareMinerals READY™ Blush

------Comes in a lot of colors so you can choose.---------



I think since you are young and prob. go to school, you want to keep it simple, so I think mascara will be just enough.

Clinique High Impact Mascara



A simple chapstick or light pink gloss Smiley Happy


And that's it!


P.S. The drugstore (walgreens, cvs, Duane Reade) is great for makeup to. There is alot of great mascara's from these places too(Maybelline Falsies Mascara). So try there to. 

Also....Youtube is a great resource! I watch these girls who call themselves "beauty gurus" and some are your age and they talk about hair, makeup, and fashion.

My fave youtubers = Macbarbie07, Beautybaby44, Hautebrilliance, and Makeupbymandy24 (she is 13!)


Hope this helped!





You should definitely tell your mom. You dont know maybe she'll bring you to a counter or at sephora and book an appointment. Smiley Wink You can also request to go book an appointment for your birthday or something? Just a few ideas Smiley Wink


anywaaays, i really think you should keep it as fresh and natural as possible.


Mascara- theres alot of good ones in the drugstore (covergirl lashblast,loreal telescopic, etc.) but if you want you can go to sephora and they sell C$12 mascara minis of benefit theyre real and badgal lash.


Lips- tinted lipbalm or regular lipbalm are great to start off with...

for regular lipbalm I suggest the JackBlack lipbalm C$8.50 or burts bees

for tinted lipbalms I suggest baby lips by maybelline or burts bees 


I reeally dont think you should wear foudation, concealers and other stuff! Keep it fresh for school! Smiley Happy


For thirteen, I would keep it light and fresh.

If you want to wear face makeup I would use a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream. These have moisturizing properties and other benefits as well as light coverage. If you can don't wear face makeup- it can add to acne which can be a problem going into your teen years. If you have clear skin now show it off- don't cover it. 


For eyes a mascara is just fine. Clinique's High impact mascara was my favorite in middle school. It's $16. clinique.jpg

Also, sephora often has travel size samples of mascara for around $10. Two Face has a little kit with an eyeliner and mascara

If you want to wear an eyeshadow, try a simple wash of a skintoned color. I have light skin, so I'll have trouble recomending anything for you, but a light brown would be fine. Eyeshadow really isn't necassary. 


For lips- gloss and balm are still my favorite. They're easy to stow if you want to freshen up too. Plain ol' chapstick is always an easy way to go, but anything that works for you is fine. 


If you want to wear a blush, which I don't think you need, I would suggest covergirl classic color blush. You can find it in a drugstore. It is my go to  blush even though its only around 5 bucks. 


I hope that helped a bit. Ask me any questions you have, but really, my main advice is you're young so keep it natural. 


~We are all beautiful~

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how come no one gets that young girls dont have skin problems that they need to cover up !!! foundations DESTORY naturally young beautiful skin!!!! 


if you have acne you can use a concealer, but dont start with foundations yet!! 

remember to use sun pertactions EVERYDAY

mascara and lip stains would be good enough if you really want to put on make up.

fyi: try an orange or a bright pink lip stainand

its cute and playful

make that a statement look for you.


remember ! beauty is from with in. you can'tt always rely makeup to make you feel pretty. you need to be confident and know that you Are pretty!!

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hmm,, I would recomend BB cream, smash box, any brand, really, a black mascara I recommend benefits "They're real!" and a light blush, and a pink lipgloss! Nar's Turkish delight! and i would just ask your mom, I think your at the right age you can wear makeup Smiley Happy

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I was about your age when I first end started wearing makeup. Unfortunately, I didn't have access to the beauty knowledge and expertise of Sephora and had to make do with some products that looked cool from Covergirl--let's just say my lack of experience was obvious. All I cam say is start of easy. If you have good skin, I would start with a tinted moisturizer with an SPF. You ware young and want to start protecting your face from sun damage. BB cream is a great product and will give you sheer to medium coverage without hiding you behind a mask of heavy makeup. If you are starting to have trouble with acne like I was be sure look for something oil-free and non-comedogenic (won't clog your pores and make ance worse). Pick out a blackest black mascara and pretty pink blush to give you a pop of color on your cheeks. Top it all off with some lip gloss and you will be good to go. Don't make it complicated. The point of make up is to enhance your natural beauty--not hide it. 

As far as your mom goes, she may put her foot down and tell you are too young. However, if you explain that you are growing up and this is sort of right of passage for young girls as they change into young women. Just be sure you have plan and approach your mother with that plan. What products you want to buy, what do those products do, how much will it cost, and if there is anything else that will be affected like skin care needs. Honesty is always the best policy. The makeup I suggested will protect you from the sun and skin cancer which is a added bonus. After that the request is simple. Good luck!

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Hi there! Welcome to the awesome world of makeup!


Although makeup is super fun and exciting, I would just stick to the basics for right now.  Since you're 13, I'm going to assume that you don't require much coverage and have pretty good skin (but please correct me if I'm wrong!). For now, I say stick with a powder OR tinted moisturizer, blush, mascara, and lip gloss!


First let's start with face makeup.  For you I suggest sticking with something light, like a powder foundation or tinted moisturizer. Powder foundations come in either a loose or compact powder form, and are designed to provide sheer, yet buildable coverage. I think this is a good basic for your youthful skin!  Bare Minerals is a super popular brand for mineral powders, so if this is of interest to you I suggest picking up one of their trial kits in order to test out a few of their products and see if you like it.

bareMinerals - Try. Believe. Love. Kit


If you want something that might provide a little more coverage or enjoy something that's in liquid form, this is where the tinted moisturizer comes in.  It offers to benefits of a moisturizer (most of them contain an SPF too which is nice, especially if you have fair skin). Additionally, they don't feel super heavy on the skin and are designed to be light and sheer with a bit more coverage yet buildable as well. 


Laura Mercier makes an awesome tinted moisturizer.  It's pretty light, and there are a bunch of different colors to choose from. It also doesn't make your skin oily, and contains an SPF for skin protection! They also have an oil-free one that might be better if you have oily skin that could potentially turn into acne!


Laura Mercier - Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 - Oil Free


Next, I suggest getting a soft light pink blush to make your face pop/glow a little bit.  You don't need anything super heavy or bright, but just a little something to add more color to your skin.  Just pop it on the apples of your cheeks!  For blushes, I really like Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blushes as well as Smashbox blush. The Tarte one's are beautiful...they last forever, give off lots of color, and lasts long on skin.  But you get a lot of pigment, so you need to be a little light-handed with application.  I also really really like Smashbox blushes--they look super natural on your skin and are sheer but obviously visible.



Tarte - Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush



Smashbox - Blush Rush


Okay, almost there!  Next, I would just pop on some black or dark brown mascara on your upper and lower lasehs.  I really like many mascaras sold at sephora, but in all honesty this is where I tend to save money and purchase drug-store brands because it's important to replace mascara every 3 months in order to avoid any eye problems. So for sephora-quality mascara, I really like Bobbi Brown's Everything Mascara.  It's super basic but makes lashes look awesome.  For drugstore brands, I really like Meybel


Bobbi Brown - Everything Mascara!k...


I also really like Maybelline mascaras.  They last a long time, aren't chunky, and make lashes look really good too. I like the basic Maybelline Great Lash, and even the "Volum' Express The Mega Plush" Mascara.


Okay, last but not least lip gloss (this is where you can really have a lot of fun).  For me personally, I prefer to stick with hydrating lip color like a balm or moisturizing lipstick.  I really like YSL's glossy balm (although it's super expensive).  For gloss, I really like Nars and Smashbox glosses, but there are so many brands out there it's really based on personal preference.  Go to sephora and just play around with the glosses (I wouldn't test them out on your lips unless you or a sales associate highly disinfects never know this tester samples.  To test, I just swatch them on my hand to see if I like the color/texture then go from there).



Anyway, I hope any or some of this is helpful to you.  Like I said, you have the rest of your life to have makeup, so keep it simple and basic while you still have young youthful skin!  If you have any questions or anything, please let me know!


Hope this helps and best of luck!

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   Hey supastar313!

   I think the basics every girl just starting should have: 

   Basic eyeshadow colors.

   A mascara.

   Two retractable eye liners (or pencil, but I prefer the retractable ones) in black and brown.

   A natural lip color.

   A lip gloss. 

   A tinted moisturizer/foundation. 

   A pressed powder. 

   A blush. (Just one, in a color that looks like your natural blush.) 

   When you talk to your mom, you shouldn't say you want to wear makeup just because everyone else is. You should be open and honest about why you think you should wear it, but respect your mother's opinion too. 

   When you're young, you barely need ANY makeup, but it's fun to play around with it! LESS IS MORE. Oh my god. I can't believe the amount of young girls walk around today with two pounds of makeup caked on. Watch tutorials on Youtube for tips! It really helps. 

    In short, just don't get what you won't need. You can buy little fun extras, but don't go overboard. Check out brands and see what works!

    Hope I helped,


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OK!!! so i am in your same shoes! i am 13  as well!! so how i asked my mom was like "Mom could you and dad talk about what make up i would be aloud to wear?" And she said"OK i will talk to him when he gets home" then they decied what I could to wear. I dont wear any face makeup. with how young we are we dont need to ruin our beautiful skin! haha. so i would say maskara, light eyeshadow,thin eye liner, and lip color. good luck telling your mama!

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Being so young you should start with simple makeup and work your way up. Im 15 and I remember being 13 and just getting started with makeup. I didnt have the amount of money back then to buy high end makeup, so the drugstore was my best friend. At the age of 13, I started off with tinted moisturizer, blush, lipgloss, and some mascara. I recommend going with tinted moisturizer instead of foundation becuase you have young skin so you want to let it breathe. My favorite tinted moisturizer from the drugstore was Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer . this is going to provide a light coverage and still look natural.


For blush I used covergirl cheekers blush. They have lots of different shades to choose from.Cover Girlpd-detailMain-2108354

For lipgloss revlon has some colorstay glosses that are great. Revlonpd-detailMain-2224025

Lastly for mascara I would recommend maybelline the falsies. Maybelline has some great mascaras to offer.

Volum' Express The Falsies Mascara

good luck and hope this helps Smiley Happy

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I would suggest the beauty box by benefit and some masscara and brown khol eyeliner on the lower rim of your eyes (use pencil not liquid, because youre new to makeup pencil is easier to start off with) and always keep masscara, lipgloss, and eyeliner in your bag. Always a light pink lip gloss with maybe some sparkle so you and your freinds will notice, not your teachers.

Tell your mom you feel mature enough to wear makeup to school and you really just want to try using makeup. If she says no just keep working on her.


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Hello and you came to the right place.


Rule #1. As an esthetician, I recommend paying attention to the ingredients. You want to look for makeup that says it's oil-free and non-comedogenic, meaning it won't clog pores which can lead to acne breakouts. At your age, I suggest trying Almay or Clinique foundation, since you probably need light coverage. Mineral powder or a BB (beauty balm) cream are both easy to apply evenly. Test along your jaw line to ensure the right color match. When applying, always gently blend from the neck up and be careful around the eye area as it's the most fragile skin on the face.




For lashes, a classic favorite. Maybelline Great Lash (in Very Black) does the trick. Take it slow. The first time I used mascara I jabbed myself in the Start with a little, at first, to build lash coverage. *Make sure to replace mascara every 3 months so it doesn't dry out and create clumping of your lashes.



If you want a touch of cheek color, Maybelline's Dream Bouncy Blush. It's creamy blush that you can apply with your fingertips. Simply smile and apply a small amount to the apples of your cheeks.



Always make sure to moisturize your lips and, for you, a subtle lip color would be the perfect finish to your makeup regimen. Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Lip Gloss or Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm are both budget-friendly ways to shimmer.




*** Always make sure to remove your makeup before you go to bed. This is the best way to prevent acne and keep your skin looking awesome, for years to come.


Most importantly, have fun! If you make a mistake you can always wash it off and start all over. Another great thing to keep in mind is Sephora and most drug stores will let you return a makeup product if it doesn't work for you. *Just make sure to hold on to your receipt.


Good luck!


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