New Tarte Kit and Avoiding School Work

This is terrible...I know.

I am supposed to be finishing two finals, but I find myself here. A good distraction right?

Well I fell in love with the new Tarte Carried Away Collector's Set. I have no experience with their shadows or lip gloss (just blush and face powder) so I'm hoping everyone can offer some feedback for me. I really dislike the lipsurgance, so I hope it's not similar. I also broke down and bought the BITE Matte Lip Penci in Rhubarb. I love the formula, so I wanted a good fall color.


Anyone else get anything exciting this weekend?

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Oh gosh... it's like we're soul sisters. I'm supposed to be reading a play for literature class and instead I spend far too much time here. I regret nothing Smiley Wink


I also have a few Tarte products, including the True Blood palette and I really like their shadows. Some of the more shimmery/glittery ones are a tad on the chalky side but overall they apply smoothly and are very pigmented (especially the darker colors). Their eyeliners and lip glosses are also great quality. I hope you love them too!

Re: New Tarte Kit and Avoiding School Work

Hi alexandram- it's amazing how many different responses, feelings and reactions we all have,. I'm glad to have this site so we can help each others, get info from the bt/mods, and share our experiences - regarding products, and just about everything imaginable. Thanks to Sephora and all of the wonderful people - there are some really special people here. Thanks all. It's nice knowing that we can come here and help each other in so many ways,  and there are some extra special people out all know who you are. Thanks all Smiley Happy Smiley Happy


BTW - thought you might enjoy this. This morning I was going for IV therapy and the concierge called me.........Ma'am!!!!!  Yes, you read it correctly...MAAM -don't know or care how you spell it! Are you FREAKiIN KIDDING ME??? Do you actually want to get a tip??? Really??? (of course we tipped him) ( I believe sephoramusthave has an issue with this word as well) I don't even like being called that on the Phone!


Luckily I met a man during IV, sweet old fella'. I fell asleep and he said to my mother, "It's horrible to see somebody so young have to go through something like this, she's just so young!" I woke up, IV was done and my new friend was gone. My mother told me the story on the way was nice to feel a little relief, it made me feel so much better, how silly. My mother let him know I wasn't a teenager, but still, I love that man!!


Here's where I have to make my confession.....The guy was 92 years old. So first of all, that makes just about anyone seem like a real youngster, and who knows what his eyesignt is like at 92. Who Cares?....I'll take it!!!!!

Just thought that might give some of you a little laugh, worked for me.  Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

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kssweetheart- Aw, that message was so sweet! I feel the same way! It's amazing to have a place, online or otherwise, you can go where you can discuss your favorite things with other people who have the same interests! Everyone here is lovely, definitely one of my favorite beauty forums. Smiley Happy Also, I read that little story you posted and I LOL'ED. I'm in college and I hate when people call me "Ma'am." I don't know what's worse, people who treat you like you're way older or way younger than you are. *sigh* 





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Ha, BT is my distration of choice, too. I have the Tarte lipSurgence the matte red one and really enjoyed it! I like the eyeshadows but don't love them.


I haven't tried their lipgloss but I have their True Blood palatte:

The shadows are buttery smooth, except for the glitter ones, which have a bit of fall out. I have no problem with irritations and they go on pretty well and last pretty long. However, all their colors are more...neutral than they look. The light colors goes on lighter than it looks, and the darker colors goes on darker than it looks. When it's on the eyes, you really can't tell the difference between the purple, maroon, navy, and black, they all look about the same.


So, all in all the shadows are good quality, but expect the "bright" or "vibrant" colors to be more neutral than they look, and fluttery fall out for glitter shadows. I think it holds true for all their eye products. I was totally in love (with the packaging) when I saw the Eye Catcher set:

but then I saw the swatches and they all look more neutral toned instead of those vibrant colors, so meh. I have been trying very very VERY hard to ignore the Cinderella collection since I don't need them and I know there's more coming, but I just can't get that Storylook palette out of my head, especially since I discovered that you can take out the shadows and just have a gorgeous book "box", and I'm SO tempted to collect them, but $55 is NOT a cheap thrill and I have lots of eyeshadows that I haven't really used and the quality's not that's...but....oh god help me.


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Hi elea33 - It's not really that terrible, sometimes you need to put school work (or work-work) aside and take a little break and let your brain rest and reset.


I'm afraid I'm not a fan of Tarte Eye Products, I wanted to be, but then it just didn't happen for a few reasons. For starters, I did not like the way that the eye shadow went on at all. I didn't like the way it went down, it did not go down evenly or blend well. The unevenness wasn't the biggest problem. Nothing great about the liner or mascara.


My Biggest problem was the fact that it irritated my eyes like you would not believe. My entire eyelid and my eyeball to some extent reacted terribly. Everything was red, sore. swollen and irritated. It was Awful. I stupidly tried again with the same results. Both times it left me unable to wear Any products for days. Part of me wanted to try again, using products one at a time to see if I could figure out which product or products was the problem. I just couldn't do it. As a result I threw away 6-8 sets of Tarte that I purchased from QVC on Auto-Delivery. Some I tried, some not. Anyhow, I wish I had a more favorable response for you. Maybe you'll get lucky and will have a better experience.


I hope you'll come back and let us know how you made out with it. Best of luck.

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